The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Israel at War—History

Many leftist history professors at schools like Harvard, Michigan, Stanford, and Princeton allow their ideology to warp their view of history. They distort historical fact, omit key events in history, and outright lie in order to promote an anti-Israel narrative. They falsely claim that Israelis are "colonialist settlers" in the "state of palestine" and then demand that Israel should therefore be sanctioned, attacked and ejected from the "palestinian's homeland." 

Professor Victor Davis Hansen—a historian with a clear and undistorted view of the history of the Middle East, provides a truthful assessment of the current conflict between the palestinians and Israel. After discussing the rabid anti-israel sentiment expressed by leftist students on college campuses that has often morphed into overt anti-Semitism, along with more than a few acts of violence and intimidation against Jewish students, Hansen address the history of the region:

For the first time in their lives, many of the ignorant [college] protestors suddenly professed concern about refugees, colonialism, disproportionality, innocent civilians, and the rules of war.

But none could explain why the Palestinians who fled Israel in 1947-48 still self-identify as victimized "refugees" when 900,000 Jews ethnically cleansed from Middle-East Arab cities about the same time do not ...

Few protestors knew that Jews have lived in present-day Israel for over three millennia. The longest colonialist presence there were Muslim Turks who brutally ran the Holy Land for 300 years until they lost in World War I and were expelled.

How exactly did it happen that the eighth-century A.D. Al-Aqsa Mosque was built within King Herod's earlier Second Temple enclosure?

The pro-Hamas crowd has little appreciation that colonizing Arab Muslims have one of history's longest records of "settling" other countries far from their historic birthland.

They "settled" and "colonized" the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Middle East, Berber North Africa, and southern Spain. Millions of Middle Easterners migrated to -- "settled?" -- supposedly infidel European cities, where they often self-segregate, and do not assimilate fully with their magnanimous hosts.

As far as "disproportionality," it is the goal of every power at war, Hamas included.

What protestors are furious about is that Israel is more effective at being disproportionate in retaliation than Hamas and its Iranian supporters were in their preemptive mass murdering.

Targeting innocent civilians? Hamas is among the current greatest offenders in the world.

It rockets Israeli cities without warning. It mass murders Jews in their beds during peace. It exposes Gazans to mortal danger by impressing them as human shields. Hamas shoots those who refuse.

The "rules of war" are violated by Hamas daily. Such protocols require combatants to wear uniforms not to blend in with civilians, not to use them as shields, not to murder noncombatants, not to rape them, not to mutilate them, and not to execute civilians without trial.

Yes, all of the accusations levied on Israel are actually psychological projection by Islam (and their millions of useful idiots on the Left). The virulent anti-Semitism that overlays the psychological projections also come directly from Islam. It is NOT "islamophobic" to state this—the history of Islam in the region is clearly documented as a history of subjgation and conquest. Islam's guiding books are not kind to Jews, repeatedly suggesting their subjugation or slaughter. Despite desparate attempt to soften the palestinians support for Hamas, polling indicates that a majority continue to support the Islamist death cult that leads them, along with its unabashed advocacy of genocide against the Jews.

The college snowflakes who have turned into anti-Semitic attack dogs prefer to live in leftist fantasy land, where psychological projection reigns. In the real world, history rules and in that world, the Left is shown to be profoundly ignorant at best, and in their support for Hamas, downright evil.