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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Waiting ...

Like all terror attacks, the attack in Russia in which over 100 innocent civilians were murdered is a tragedy. U.S. Intelligence attributes the attack to the Islamist terror group ISIS.

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I'm waiting for the Biden administration, other world leaders, the U.N., and most of the Democratic party leadership to:

  • insist that we all understand the Muslim suffering that precipitated the attack;
  • demand an immediate cease fire;
  • request that Russia provide food and medical assistance to the families and relatives of the ISIS terrorists;
  • suggest that Russia is responsible for the attack because it did not recognize the ISIS Caliphate.

And, of course, accuse Russia of "colonizing" the Caliphate and being generally racist.

Oops ... almost forgot. Where are the faculty and students at Harvard and other Ivies? It's been 24 hours since the terror attack and yet, there aren't any demonstrations asking us all to condemn colonialist Russia and support ISIS in their struggle to establish a Caliphate.

Waiting ... waiting ...

Oh ... but making those demands of Russia—the country that suffered the terror attack—would be absurd, wouldn't it?