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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Wrapping Fish

For decades, we've been told by the very best people that the New York Times (NYT) is the pinnacle of journalism, that its reporting and opinion shape the nation, that along with the Washington Post and other legacy media outlets, it guides the nation on a moral course. No matter that the NYT (along with its left-wing counterparts) is a mendacious propaganda sheet, that its reporting is not only dishonest and strongly ideologically-biased, but that it omits important stories that don't fit the prevailing narrative and actively promotes known hoaxes that amplify the ignorance of its readers.

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And then there's the New York Post (NYP), always characterized as a blue collar tabloid that is pap for the masses. Yet over the past few years, it's the NYP that has done real reporting, broken important stories, and offer truth when the NYT offers propaganda. In a way, it's kind of funny. The newspaper of the elites is a rag, and the newspaper of the masses does actual journalism and offers opinion that might anger the Red Guard but otherwise accurately reflects the heart of our nation.

In today's NYP, the editors comment on the Biden administration's attempt to help Hamas survive. They write:

Remember: Hamas is at fault for the ongoing war. Not Israel.

The terror group could’ve ended the war months ago by returning the hostages it has instead chosen to keep.

Hamas could have avoided the war in the first place by not committing the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust.

The onus is not now somehow placed on Israel to simply give up a necessary battle for survival in order to appease the global left.

That Washington has joined this farce shows that the rot has fully infected the highest levels of the executive.

There’s now clearly no hope of a cure without political change in November — which means defeating Biden and the Democrats who enable him is now a moral and geostrategic necessity. 

I just hope that the many supporters of Israel, both Jews and non-Jews, remember this—along with open borders, $20 happy meals, an Afghan exit that left the Taliban (Hamas' kindred spirits) with $80 billion in armaments, billions in bribes for the Mullahs in Iran, lawfare that is both despicable and unprecedented, leftist DAs who allow violent criminals to be released on zero-cash bail, the COVID debacle that had Democrats defending the closure of schools, and a President suffering from the early stages of dementia—when they go to the polls in November.

Of course the NYT will encourage its elite readership to forget all of that and vote for the Democrats. After all, what could go wrong with a leader who will only go from bad to worse and a backup who is even worse (if that's even possible).

Someone on X once posted a meme that went like this: No self-respecting fish would allow itself to be wrapped in a page torn from the New York Times. That sums things up rather nicely.

UPDATE (03-27-2024):

Roger L. Simon provides additional insight into the Biden administration's strategy to neuter Israel's attempt to rid the world of Hamas as a fighting force and terror organization:

[I]n essence what the administration is recommending the Israelis ... allow a terror organization whose ideology has included death to all Jews, even so far as to add at one point something called “Jewish trees,” to exist alongside them. These are the same people who parade near-naked Israeli women hostages in their town squares for all to gawk at and revile.

And yet the Biden administration is now “objectively pro-Hamas,” giving them a pathway to survival.

The Biden administration is also holding rearmament over the Israelis heads, particularly in the area of the ammunition.

From here on in, it will most likely be “Israel alone.”

In thinking about the atrocious behavior of Biden's people, I've decided that calling out his Team of 1s is insufficient. Where are the voices inside the Democratic party leadership who oppose this travesty? Why is it that AOC is allowed the absurd and mendacious claim that Israel is committing "genocide" without push back from within the Democratic party? Why are Democrat congress people not expelled for promoting pro-Hamas propaganda? Why was Senate leader Chuck Schumer chartered (by Biden?) with the job of suggesting that the democratically elected PM of Israel should be removed from office with little if any push back from within the Dem party? 

The "Why" is pretty obvious. The Democrats have evolved (first slowly during the Obama years and then suddenly during the Biden era) into the anti-Israel party. They joined the hard-left base in adopting the deluded Marxist view that Israel is an "oppressor."

And for that, the Democrats MUST pay a price for their mortal vacuity on the Israel-Hamas war and their anti-Israel stance. That price should be a massive election loss in November. I hope that is exactly what happens.