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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Iran and Proportionality

Here's my proposed text for a speech Bibi Netanyahu should make this evening:

Iran’s attack on Israeli population centers has failed. More than 300 kinetic weapons– drones, ballistic and cruise missiles – were launched from inside Iran and its proxies against Israel. 99% of them were neutralized and the few that did get through caused relatively little damage, and with the exception of 7-year old Bedouin girl, no serious human casualties. I would like to thank those countries that assisted us in intercepting Iran’s kinetic weapons. We are grateful for your support against an Iranian theocracy that subjugates its own people and foments Islamist terror throughout the Middle East and the world.

Our war cabinet met last night and developed strategies for both offensive and defensive moves against Iran at a time and in a manner of our own choosing.

I am certain that there will be calls from the United Nations and many western leaders for Israel not to respond, so that efforts at diplomacy can be attempted. It’s worth noting that those efforts have failed miserably over the last 40 years. Iran’s leadership is driven by hatred. They are violently anti-Semitic, and have little tolerance for any religion other than Islam. It is unlikely that the words of diplomacy will change their hateful position. But try if you must.

I am also certain that if and when Israel does respond, there will be demands that our response be "proportional." It may surprise many of these leaders that we wholeheartedly agree with the second condition.


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For many years now, Iran has used proxies to attack Israel. During that time, those proxies have launched well over 10,000 missiles into Israeli territory, almost always targeting civilian population centers and killing or wounding hundreds of our citizens. Iran proxies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen have attacked American coalition troops, launched missiles against Israel, and attacked international shipping. In their unprecedented strike last night, Iran launched over 300 airborne weapons against our sovereign state. In addition, Iran’s proxy, Hamas, murdered, raped, and mutilated over 1200 mens, women, and children and kidnapped over 200 others.

We have known that Iran was behind all of those acts of terror. Last night proved that to be the case beyond any reasonable doubt.

Given all of this, we promise that our proportional response will not exceed the bounds of the attacks plan, funded and coordinated by Iran over all of these years. We will not launch more than 10,300 airborne weapons against the state of Iran. We will never purposely kill any Iranian civilians, even though Iran's proxy, Hamas, did exactly that to over 1200 Israeli citizens just six months ago.We will not kidnap Iran's civilians.

The hateful leadership of Iran has come out of the shadows, and now shown its true nature. The people of Iran, on the other hand, are not our enemy. Our proportional response, when and if we decide to implement it, will not target them. But rest assured that the hateful leadership of Iran will pay a steep price for their actions. That price may come tomorrow, next week, or month, or next year. It will be hellaciously proportionate. 

The choice is choices ours.