The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Monday, April 22, 2024

The Four Questions

In the Jewish religion, the first Seder (ritual meal) of Passover begins tonight. The holiday celebrates the departure of Jewish people from slavery in Egypt (that's right, "folx," people of color do NOT have a monopoly on being slaves). That same tyrannical Egyptian regime wanted them dead (once they broke the bonds of slavery). 

The people who lived in ancient Egypt are likely the genetic ancestors of the Arab Muslims who call themselves palestinians. Three out of four of those genetic ancestors (according to recent Arab polling data) currently support Hamas and cheered when it committed atrocities that leftists and their media have already relegated to the memory hole.

Over the past few months, we've witnessed Muslim activists and the useful idiots among leftist students descend into outright, vile anti-Semitism and violence against Jews. We've also seen far too many Democrats and many more "moderate" leftists, turn a blind eye to events at Harvard, Yale and Columbia (among many elite univerities. And worst of all, we've witnessed far, far too many Jews who still support a political party that is at best ambivalent about the rise in anti-Semitic behavior and more likely, has members who either overtly or covertly support it.

Karol Markowicz has had enough and calls out those Jews in this post on X:

Maybe this Passover Seder, instead of reading the traditional Haggadah, every Jewish family, but particularly those families that pride themselves on their true-blue worldview, should read Markowicz' post—out loud. And when the traditional Four Questions are asked, maybe they should substitute these instead:

  1. Why is this time reminiscent of a time, no more that 90 years ago, when another evil stalked the Jews, and people who the Jews trusted did NOTHING?
  2. Why do we still support a political party that has abandoned Israel in many ways, has done so for at least two decades, and is escalating that abandonment by the week?
  3. Why should we feel anything for the "suffering" of people who want to eradicate all of us—mothers, fathers, children, and even dogs?
  4. Why do we cast our votes and donate our money to people who clearly are NOT our friends, do not have our back, and will (or are) selling Israel and American Jews down the river?

The answers might be illuminating. This discussion, enlightening.