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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Trap

Whether they did it on purpose or it occurred as an unintended consequence of Sarah Palin's selection, the McCain campaign set a intricate trap for the Obama campaign and it’s legions of shills in the MSM. For the past week, McCain’s judgment was questioned by MSM pundits and reporters across the land. Vicious commentary and reporting was directed at Palin herself. It appeared that the Obama attack machine wanted to assassinate Sarah Palin verbally before she even had a chance to emerge as a vice presidential nominee.

But then – The Speech.

In less than 40 minutes she was able to use grace, humor, and hard-nosed politics to demolish her attackers, and at the same time, establish herself as a player to be reckoned with.

Prior to the speech, Maureen Dowd derisively referred to Palin as a “bantamweight cheerleader from the West.” The trap closed just a bit. Sally Quinn suggested that her nomination was an “insult to women, to the Republican Party, and to the country.” The trap got just a bit tighter. And dozens of reporters and talking heads in the MSM questioned her experience and fitness for the job. The trap clanged shut within the first 10 minutes of her speech.

The trap is simple in its intent. Every time Palin’s experience is questioned, listeners are reminded that Obama has even less. Every time her executive judgment is diminished, people are reminded that Obama has never been an executive, or a business person, or a leader in any meaningful sense. Every time her approach to bi-partisan politics in Alaska is mocked, people recognize that Obama was spawned in the corrupt politics of Chicago and did nothing to rectify corruption that was all around him (think: Tony Resko). Every time her “America first” mantra is dismissed as simplistic, people are reminded of Obama’s post-modern view of this country and his association with people like Bill Ayers who would, I think, put America last.

It’s interesting that the Democrats don’t see the trap and back off. Instead they attack, and attack, and attack and become even more ensnared.

Over time, they’ll likely realize what they’re doing to themselves and back out. But the bruises will be evident throughout the campaign.