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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Nice Booklet

Even after the President's win in the third debate*, the preference cascade accelerates. The RCP average of polls in battleground states (however unreliable and structurally biased the polls are in favor of Dems) have begun to indicate clear trending in favor of Mitt Romney. As a consequence, Obama and his worried supporters are likely to become more vicious during the final two weeks—spending millions on mendacious attack ads, and obsessing on big bird, binders, and bayonets. Those of us in the Center are a bit more concerned about what Barack Obama might do about debt, deficits, and divisiveness, not to mention jobs, government dependency, and a broad implosion of his foreign policy.

Instead of a plan, Obama seems obsessed with his latest snarky attack on his opponent, riffing on "Romnesia"—very presidential,BTW. Like many things that Barack Obama does and says, there's just a bit of projection in that phrase. The President plays fast and loose with the facts, and the compliant media rarely calls him on it. In the last debate, he suggested that "sequestration" had nothing to do with him. Just so happens that it was the White House that insisted on defense cuts as part of the sequestration negotiations and it was Barack Obama who signed the sequestration agreement. But ... it's Romney who has Romnesia.

Anyhow, back to Barack Obama and his "plan" for improving a bad economy that he made much worse. To use a favorite phrase of Obama's supporters, the President's plan is an empty binder—a rehash of taxing the rich, hiring more teachers, building roads and bridges with the money "saved" after we leave Afghanistan, and ... well ... it reads like something written by a 9th grader who has listened to a 20 minute lecture on the economy presented by Paul Krugman.

On the day of the debate, the Obama campaign made a big show of releasing their latest "plan" for healing the economy. CNN reporter Jessica Yellin (like most CNN reporters, a enthusiastic advocate for the President) was honest enough to state:
"There's not anything significantly new in here, it's just all compiled in a nice booklet now."
Hmmm. "A nice booklet." At least that will fit easily into Obama's empty binder.


* It's interesting to note that many post-debate focus groups of undecided voters didn't feel it was a significant win for Obama. See this video from CBS, paying particular attention to the shocked and saddened look of the CBS newsreaders at the very end of the 30 second clip.


To quote Richard Fernandez on why a debate win may not lead to an win in this election:
President Obama’s problem is simple. He has not produced. He is running against his record and his record is winning.