The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Monday, March 14, 2016


There are many kinds of "violence." The most obvious is the punch you in the face kind—it leaves bruises and psychological trauma, but unless it becomes extreme, the bruises heal and the psychological trauma is soon forgotten. It can be incited in many different ways—the perpetrator can have anger management issues; the perpetrator can be encouraged to attack by someone else, or the perpetrator can himself (or herself) feel threatened or otherwise assaulted (verbally, physically or psychologically).

It what has to be one of the most egregious and dishonest displays of moral preening and hypocrisy in the last few months, media sources and elites on the both the left and the right were quick to blame Donald Trump for violence after coordinated left-wing groups (, BLM, and others) disrupted a Trump rally in Chicago in a blatant attempt to silence Trump. Their approach was far from "peaceful," and their intent wasn't to debate or stand in silent protest, it was to stifle Trump's right to speak. That's a form of "violence" that is SOP for the left-wing over the past 60 years—whether the topic was Vietnam in the 60s or Trump in the last few weeks. It's also a form of "violence" that has more severe and longer term affects on the country and the constitution.

The NY Post comments:
Blaming Donald Trump even in part for the violence that has broken out at his rallies is nonsense. This is the same left-wing agitation that has plagued the nation for decades now, a rage that fixes on one target of opportunity after another.

In the ’90s, the same kind of radicals besieged meetings of the World Trade Organization — with blood on the streets of Seattle in 1999. New York City got a taste of it at the 2004 Republican
convention; most of Boston was shut down to prevent the same at that year’s Democratic convention.

America saw it in the lawlessness and riots of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The folks in Ferguson, Mo., blamed outside agitators for turning their legitimate protests into riots that devastated the city.

Yes, Trump has been brusque with protesters at his events — but if he were inciting violence in any real way, you’d see Trumpites disrupting other candidates’ gatherings.

Instead, Americans trying to leave Friday’s Trump rally in Chicago — the one canceled over fears of violence — had to wade through angry mobs outside.

Again, all the violence comes from lefties going to someone else’s event to make trouble — and, as in Chicago, celebrating with chants of “We won” and “We stopped Trump” when they managed to get the event canceled.

As one Reddit poster, a self-described legal immigrant of color who saw the Chicago madness firsthand, put it: “I saw a quiet, but excited crowd of Donald Trump supporters get thrown out of Chicago.

“Worst of all, I saw the First Amendment trampled, spit on, and discarded like trash.”
It's interesting that there is no "violence" at Bernie Sander's rallies, no right-wing mobs shouting down his crypto-communist prescriptions, no agitation. Why is that? Might it be that the right-wing is more tolerant of opposing opinions?

It's also interesting that the moral preeners demand that Trump apologize for "inciting" to violence. Why is it that the same moral preeners don't ask Sanders or Hillary to disavow the actions of, BLM and others? Might it be that the moral preeners are quite happy with some forms of "violence" if that "violence" achieves a goal they desire?