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Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Simple Question

With the help of a shameful collection of media attacks precipitated by his own stupidity, the Donald Trump 'brand' is cratering. GOP candidates in purple states are abandoning him, the "old guard" of the GOP foreign policy establishment have condemned the man, and the polls show a election gap that is widening.

As this is happening, an new set of emails have surfaced that shed additional light on the corruption that is Hillary Clinton. These emails were acquired under court order and never released by Hillary Clinton (can you say, perjury?) when they should have been (what a surprise!). The Wall Street Journal comments:
Funny how the word “email” continues to haunt Hillary Clinton even as she dismisses every new revelation as “old news.” The latest new-old news comes in the release by Judicial Watch of 44 emails from her personal server that Mrs. Clinton failed to turn over in the batch she told the State Department included everything that was work-related. The emails paint a picture of top Clinton aides at State eager to do favors for Clinton Foundation donors.

At the heart of these documents is the glaring conflict of interest that Mrs. Clinton carried into the State Department—and then spread to those around her. Only months after the Clinton Foundation agreed to ethics protocols designed to keep Mrs. Clinton’s department from mixing State with foundation business, these new emails show her two closest aides— Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills—doing the bidding of Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band.

On April 22, 2009, Mr. Band emailed Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills to say it’s “important to take care of [name redacted]. The subject line reads: “Fw: A favor.” Far from suggesting the favor was inappropriate, Ms. Abedin responded that the person was on State’s “radar,” and that “personnel has been sending him options.” Shouldn’t Americans know who this person was and why he was so important to Mr. Band?

The ties among Mrs. Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and State would become more incestuous. Two years after Mr. Band sent this email, he founded Teneo, a consulting firm. Ms. Abedin would soon draw a paycheck from Teneo at the same time she was also working for both State and the Clinton Foundation.
Yeah, I know, progressives will circle the wagons and in Stepford Wives fashion (sorry for the mixed metaphor) begin their chant about "old news" and "blah, blah, blah." The interesting thing is not a single elected Democrat of national prominence has condemned the corruption that is glaring in these new emails. Not a single truly progressive pundit has shown even 10% of the outrage that they show daily when Trump says something dumb—remember, all he does is say something dumb -- he does not do something criminally corrupt as Clinton has done. And please, spare me the "she wasn't directly involved and didn't know" mantra. It's not called the "Clinton" Foundation (a.k.a. "Clinton" Global Initiative) for nothing!. As a good Democrat once said—"the buck stops here."

We also learn that the Obama DoJ blocked an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation a year ago. That's not surprising for an administration that has elevated soft corruption to an art form. It's also not surprising because if the investigation were conducted, a criminal indictment would be slam dunk—inconvenient to say the least.

So as the progressive world celebrates the destruction of Donald Trump, decent people might stop for a moment and ask a simple question: Is it really worth celebrating the pending election of a dishonest, corrupt, and incompetent politician who would probably be in jail if the letter after her name was (R) instead of (D)?