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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Meth Lab

It is truly comical to watch as a growing number of prominent, left-leaning, pro-Hillary Clinton publications produce editorials suggesting the Clintons should either shut down or significantly modify The Clinton Foundation. Whether its The Boston Globe or The New York Times, the progressive editorial boards can't bring themselves to admit that The Clinton Foundation is corrupt, citing instead the "good-works" that the charity has done. What they willfully ignore is that those "good works" are accomplished with a very small percentage of all monies raised, that overhead and administrative costs are staggering (e.g., $21 million for air travel -- most on private jets), that there are direct connections between donors and access to government officials, that Bill CLinton was given lucrative speaking fees after access was provided for foundation donors to Hillary Clinton.

And yet, some in the media want the foundation shut down. Why is that? If the good works are so important and there no scandal, why shut it down? If employees (Huma Abedin comes to mind) can work for both the Foundation and the State Department and any conflict of interest is perfectly okay, why shut it down? If outrageous administrative costs are acceptable and common, why shut it down? If there was no wrong-doing at all, why shut it down?

The reason, of course, is obvious. Clinton supporters are worried, really worried, that something big will come to light in the next 70 days or after the election, and that even the overwhelmingly pro-Clinton media won't be able to cover it up. Although it's highly unlikely, that something just might derail her candidacy now or her infant presidency then. If the Foundation is no more, then revelations about it will be (in the eyes of the pro-Clinton media) "old news." After all, the Foundation is shut down, what more do you want?

Of course that would be like saying that shutting down a meth lab would absolve the drug dealers from any criminal charges that occur after the lab has been shuttered. But never mind.