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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lying Eyes

You have to give the Clintonistas credit. They know that more email leaks indicating Clinton's dishonesty and corruption are coming, so they do what they always do—obfuscate. In Hillary Clinton's world, lying and obfuscation are the tried and true approach when you're caught red-handed—particularly when your trained hamsters in the media refuse to investigate, ask pertinent questions, or even report the news directly.

In recent days, Hillary spokespersons can be found on every media outlet parroting a narrative that blames the Russians for the release of the emails. Where's the hard evidence that the Russians are behind these leaks? If it existed, you can bet your life it would have been made public. Sure, the Obama administration tells us it's the Russians, but the very emails the Russians supposedly leaked tell us the Obama secretly worked with the Clinton campaign to avoid DoJ prosecution. It's reasonable to assume that the administration is lying about Russian involvement. Why? Because they've lied about so much else over the past eight years.

At the same time, the Clintonistas impune the process (hacking)  by which the emails were acquired, rather than directly addressing the content that that the emails contain. The fact that these emails are leaked in no way changes what information they contain—information that provides clear indications of media plotting to protect Hillary, pay-for-play when she was Secretary of State, and a wide variety of other unsavory actions. Of course, none of the leaked materials contained the word "pussy," so I suppose they're not news.

Finally, senior spokespeople are now implying that the leaked emails have been tampered with, thereby casting doubt on their contents. Again, no proof, only their word that 'I didn't write that.' Of course, these spokespeople would never lie to protect their candidate, would they?  If a blockbuster release does occur prior to the election, you can bet your life that they'll claim that the email is fraudulent.

All of this reminds me of the old story of the cheating husband caught in bed with his mistress by his angry wife.
When confronted in the bedroom, the husband shouts, "What woman? There's no woman in bed with me!

The wife, eyes wide with anger, points at the naked mistress. "That woman!!" she screams.

The husband gives the wife a long stare. "Who do you believe? Me? Or your lying eyes?"
Hillary and her supporters play the role of the cheating husband. Far too many in the media and the public choose to believe her, rather than their lying eyes.

Clinton's strategy of lies, obfuscation, and the shifting of focus to a mythical boogie man has proved quite effective throughout her 30 years in the public eye. It has worked for Whitewater, for Travelgate, for the many accusations associated with Bill Clinton's sexual escapades, for Benghazi, for the Clinton Foundation and its State Department ties, for her private email server, for the violation of national security and the consequent FBI investigation, for potentially serious health problems, and now for the email leaks about her campaign. It will work again. After all, why should you believe your "lying eyes?"