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Thursday, November 03, 2016


Democratic partisans and the media (but I repeat myself) hyperventilate about the FBI announcement that the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal has been reopened. If you were to believe those who are trying to deflect attention away from the root of this event, James Comey is a bigger villain in all of this than the dishonest, corrupt Democratic candidate who is responsible for the scandal. But there's an interesting twist that (of course) the main stream media refuses to look at—the participation of disgraced Democratic Congressman, Anthony Weiner, husband of Clinton's closest aid, Human Adedin,

Mark Steyn discusses some of this when he writes:
Huma and Weiner are so close to the Clintons that they were married by Bill. To the casual observer, Mr Weiner was merely the Mini-Me to Bill Clinton's distinguishing characteristics. Alas, he lacked the Clintons' luck, and never enjoyed the same level of protection. It's not unreasonable to conclude that, somewhere in the latter stages of this bumpy half-decade descent, Anthony Weiner decided it might be prudent to have an insurance policy. Powerline's John Hinderaker applies Occam's razor:
His career is over, and he is a laughingstock. His wife, on the other hand, is just one degree of separation from great power, perhaps the next president. Do the math. And Weiner has had a lot of time on his hands lately. He may have thought that keeping a trove of communications between his wife and Hillary Clinton would afford him protection against criminal prosecution. Or he may have said to himself, if I am going down, I am taking Huma and her g*****n boss with me. Of course, that only works if he thinks there is something discreditable in those communications. He would know that better than we do.
Weiner is an ambitious man with apparently insatiable sexual proclivities. Until 2013 he thought those two primal drives were reconcilable. The sex cost him his ambition - and is now threatening his liberty. He has very little standing between him and the abyss - other than what he knows about his wife and her patrons.

And that's the least worst interpretation. The other is that, given the world knew Huma Abedin's husband has a taste for girls a third of his age, someone sooner or later was going to apply a little pressure to him. Maybe even those Russians the Democrats have been bleating on about for weeks.
The media refuses to investigate the very real possibility that if she is elected president, Hillary Clinton, and her closest aids and confidantes (and their spouses) could be the target of blackmail.

Working under the absolute certainty (to suggest otherwise is truly delusional) that bad actors have in their possession every incriminating, "deleted" email that was once on Hillary Clinton's unprotected private server), let me propose a hypothetical.
Among the deleted Clinton emails in Iran's possession there are 30 or 40 that provide a direct connection between favors granted by the State Department and massive foreign donations to The Clinton Foundation—the proverbial "smoking gun." Iran decides that it's time for Hezballah, an Iranian proxy, to re-start its war with Israel and needs to be certain that when Hezballah launches 10,000 missiles at the only democracy in the Middle East, Washington's response will be muted. Through back channel connections, they let a President Clinton know that they have the "smoking gun" emails and will leak them if the United States responds to the attack aggressively. Clinton knows that if the smoking gun is released, impeachment is a real possibility. Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that she is dishonest and corrupt—she will act first to protect herself, not to protect an longtime ally or in the best interests of the United States. She will succumb to blackmail.
And that's just one of literally hundreds of hypothetical blackmail scenarios that are worth considering. Of course, Clinton's trained hamsters in the media would never do that. After all, it's perfectly okay to discuss the hypothetical notion that Donald Trump would unilaterally initiate a nuclear war, but the very real possibility that Clinton could be blackmailed? Heavens, no!