The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Not Yet

On this Christmas Day (and the first full day of Hannukah) Christians and Jews celebrate their respective holidays—freely, openly and joyously. Everywhere, that is, except in many Muslim countries. In places like fundamentalist Saudi Arabia, Jews have long since been removed and Christians cannot so much as bring a bible into the country. In Libya or Lebanon, Afghanistan or Yemen, Jews are gone, forced out or murdered over the past century. Christians are under assault in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria where Islamic thugs and terrorists murder them openly and often. Funny that there's no U.N resolution condemning these actions by Muslims. The trained hamsters of the left leaning media tend to look the other way as well. After all, the last thing we need, they'll intone, is a "Clash of Civilizations." There's only one problem. Once side of the civilizational clash has already begun to act.

Just last week in Egypt there was a terror attack at a Coptic Christian Church. Samuel Tadros reports:
During Mass this past Sunday, an Islamic State suicide bomber made his way inside St. Peter and St. Paul’s Coptic Church in Cairo and detonated his bomb, leaving 25 people, mostly women, dead. The bombing, the deadliest since the 2010 New Year’s Eve bombing of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria, drew swift condemnations from governments around the world. But as much as such attacks remind the world of the plight of Copts, it is their daily encounter with discrimination and persecution that poses the greatest threat to their future.
This appears in the left-leaning Atlantic, and I'm sure there was much head-shaking and hand-wringing among its readers. After all, "discrimination and persecution" are anathema to those on the left—they tell us this as if they have a monopoly on that sentiment. But the level of the Left's outrage, say, over Donald Trump seems far, far more pronounced than their outrage over Islam's murderous assault on Christians or their outright policy of Judenrein. Why is that, do you think?

A commenter at The Belmont Club, "Walt Erickson," is harsh in his assessment. He writes:
... [Christian] values and traditions are hard to kill, as the would-be killers will inevitably discover, to their sorrow. Do Muslims kill Christians for no reason other than that they are Christians? Of course they do, but the Left has gone to great pains to see to it that we will not ever see it that way. But some of us do see it that way, and the tipping point will be reached and that will be the end of it. Islam is a killer religion, and throughout history Muslims have killed all they deem as The Other.
One hopes that the "tipping point" is never reached, but by condemning those who would demand that Islam must reform and rid itself of the extremists that represent on non-trivial percentage of all Muslims, Leftists move us ever closer to the tipping point.

On this peaceful day throughout the West, it's nice to think that Islam is a religion of peace. But it isn't, at least not yet.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.