The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Question

Progressives and the main stream media will never truly accept the reality of a Trump presidency, but they have begun to recognize that the earth has not tilted on its axis, Ku Klux Klan members have not invaded their neighborhoods, Muslim-Americans have not been rounded up and placed in concentration camps, and millions upon millions of illegal aliens will not be shipped off to Mexico on January 21, 2017. Even Jill Stein has decided to abandon her demands for a recount in key battleground states.

I was one of many who was fairly certain that Trump would lose the election. I made the mistake of believing deeply flawed polling data and as a consequence, misread the clear signs that Hillary Clinton was in trouble. I was not alone. Virtually everyone in the MSM, almost every member of the glitterati, and most Democrat and GOP politicians gave The Donald little chance. But among the elites in this country, there was a smug arrogance in their predictions that is palpable when you watch this compilation video:

The prevailing attitude was simple—no one I know would vote for Trump and I know only intelligent, moral, and accomplished people. To the elites, that meant that no intelligent, moral, or accomplished person could possibly vote for Trump. Even suggesting such a thing would be amusing and silly (see the video) and we can all laugh at those who think—delusionally—that Trump had a chance.

Their smug arrogance crashed and burned on November 8th. In its aftermath we saw hysteria, anger, and more than a little irrational thought. Fortunately, that's beginning to abate, replaced by the all-encompassing criticism of everything Trump does and everyone he brings onto his team.

That's fine and to be expected. After all, the Democrats and their media allies are the opposition party and should try to obstruct Trump. The only question they might ask themselves, after reappointing people like Nancy Pelosi and nominating Louis Farrakan disciple Keith Ellison as a candidate for DNC chairman, is this one: Are the American people in favor of our attempt to abort Trump's presidency before it even begins, or might the American people be willing to give Donald Trump a chance?

And before they answer that question, I'd suggest they learn a lesson from the smug arrogance they exhibited before the election.