The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, November 02, 2018


In my state of Florida, a unreconstructed democratic socialist, Andrew Gillum, has a strong chance of becoming Governor. His proposed policies, including "Medicare for All," have resonated with at least some Floridians. After all, who doesn't want free medical care, except, of course, it isn't free. Thankfully, we have a legislature with a rather different view of things, and it's unlikely that his programs, coupled with much higher state taxes, with consequent harm to our robust state economy, and the potential for a new state bureaucracy will ever be enacted. Thank goodness!

Oh yeah, one more thing. Even though I strongly disagree with the potential new Governor's positions, don't like the taint of corruption that has followed him throughout his political life, am concerned about his close and undeniable associations with anti-Israel groups (typical for some on the Left), and find his brand of democratic socialism antithetical to the best interests of my state, I won't become unhinged should he win. I won't suggest that people who voted for Gillum are "deplorables" or "Nazis," or otherwise bad people. I won't join a state-wide #Resistance movement or suggest that he colluded with the Russians (or could it be the residents of the state of Georgia?) to unfairly win the election against a lackluster GOP candidate. Just sayin'.

On a broader national scale, it looks like a billion dollars, red-hot hatred of Donald Trump (who isn't on the ballot), coupled with concerted and cynical effort to project a moderate tone during the election cycle, will lead to a Democrat victory in the Hose of Representatives. The vaunted Blue Wave won't happen, but the Dems will likely squeak out a House majority. We'll see how "moderate" they act after they take power.

Kim Strassel comments:
Six weeks ago, Democrats were expecting a blue wave to rival the Republican victory of 2010, when the GOP picked up 63 House seats. Everything was in their favor. History—the party in power almost always loses seats. Money—Democrats continue to outraise Republicans by staggering amounts. The opposition—some 41 GOP House members retired, most from vulnerable districts where Donald Trump’s favorability is low. Democrats were even positioned to take over the Senate, despite defending 10 Trump-state seats.

Democrats obliterated their own breaker in the space of two weeks with the ambush of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The left, its protesters and its media allies demonstrated some of the vilest political tactics ever seen in Washington, with no regard for who or what they damaged or destroyed along the way—Christine Blasey Ford, committee rules, civility, Justice Kavanaugh himself, the Constitution. An uncharacteristically disgusted Sen. Lindsey Graham railed: “Boy, y’all want power. God, I hope you never get it!”

A lot of voters suddenly agreed with that sentiment.
If the Dems take the House, it will be because the party's hard left direction has been purposely muted, at least until after the election. For example, every Dem candidate in contested races went into witness protection on immigration issues and higher taxes. Many lied about the amazing strength of the economy. Andrew Gillum is an exception to this to be sure, but drawing the inevitable rosey conclusions about his potential victory and its validation of the allure of Democratic Socialism is a mistake.