The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


CNN's little Jimmy Acosta, remember him, acted as the spokesperson for the progressive left when he told Donald Trump (speaking truth to power and all that) that the migrant Caravan from Honduras/Guatamala represented no threat and absolutely, positively would never resort to violence or try to enter the United States forcefully. He was wrong, but that's not unusual for spokespeople for the progressive left. Little Jimmy is no more a journalist than Lil' Kim is an opera singer.

And now that the caravan has reached our border, the left has become hysterical over the notion that they just can't enter the country illegally, but must rather follow the law and wait their turn to claim asylum from unspecified violence directed at unspecified people by unspecified bad guys. And the "woman and children!" OMG!! They're being "gassed" by the war criminals who currently reside in the White House. Funny that the previous president also used tear gas to break up angry mobs of migants who wanted to enter the country illegally, but that's not a war crime or a violation of human rights ... because, Barack Obama.

Here's a snippet of the hysteria offered up by Dana Milbank, a deep thinker if there ever was one. His incoherent comments are followed by my comments, shown in brackets:
Americans are shocked by images from Tijuana, Mexico, on Sunday showing U.S. agents firing tear gas at migrant families, forcing barefoot children in diapers to disperse in pain and terror.
[Turns out that the vast majority of the "migrants" who stormed the border were 18 - 25 year old men, NOT families. And for the relatively few children who were present, what parent in their right mind puts their children in harm's way? Particularly when the "peaceful protest" was bound to go sideways. Well, wait, the palestinians [another darling of the left] come to mind, but otherwise ... not too many.
But the firing of tear gas at toddlers, properly understood, is an act of mercy by the Trump administration. The White House last week authorized the U.S. military to use “lethal force” against the migrants. Trump himself had suggested troops, if threatened, should feel free to shoot them.
Take deep breathes Dana, no one used "lethal force". And besides there was a very easy way for the clildren to avoid the Trauma of tear gas ... Don't storm the border! But never mind.
And what could be more threatening to U.S. military personnel than a vast army of pipsqueaks, lacking potty training and running dangerously low on diapers? The use of tear gas instead of live ammo was an act of love.
[I guess Dana is trying to be ironic, but like the logic he often brings to bear, his irony falls rather flat. The "pipsqeaks" that he is using to shill his open borders ideology are not the issue here. The Left funded, coordinated, and then cynically used poor migrants and a few poor families, along with those "pipsqueaks" (who were nothing but props, to force a violent confrontation in violation of the law for the purpose of then telling everyone how awful our country is.]
... Some Americans howled when the Trump administration, under its “zero tolerance” policy, tore nearly 2,000 children from their parents’ arms and warehoused them in makeshift barracks — some yet to be reunited. But Trump, by separating parents from children, was compassionately protecting these children from the dangers associated with attachment parenting and co-sleeping, including accidental suffocation.
Yeah, using poor migrant woman and bedraggled migrant children as pawns in their war against the United States has worked well for the Left. They'll assuredly do it again.
Let's assume for a moment that we let all 10,000 members of the caravan into the country as the Left would have us do. Does any sane person not believe that the first 10,000 would then be followed by 20,000 and then 50,000, and then 100,000. That's what happened in Europe and things didn't work out very well. Don't believe me ... ask Hillary.

A nation must have borders, laws that cover all aspects of immigration, and law enforcement to enforce those laws and protect the borders. Those simple realities are more than most on the Left and more than a few Democrats can bear.