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Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Russian Asset

In the fever swamp that is Trump Derangement Syndrome, there are people who honestly believe that a sitting president of the United States is a Russian asset, doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin. They justify this dark fantasy by pointing to the allegations leveled against Trump by three proven liars:
  • Former FBI Assistant Director, Andrew McCabe, who was fired—not be Trump—but by his own agency because he ... wait for it ... lied repeatedly when questioned about whether he leaked material and otherwise acted unethically. That's not my opinion. It's stated clearly in a report written by the Inspector General of the FBI. Do the trained hamsters in the media press him on this? Not a chance. They'd rather let him spin his fantasy allegations. After all, it supports the manic anxieties of the TDS crowd.
  • Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who agrees with McCabe and is also a proven liar. Clapper lied repeatedly to congressional committees and has become a partisan anti-Trumper. He's a sleaze who is careful to qualify his ridiculous allegations with double talk so that he has an escape hatch when they are continually proven untrue.
  • Rep. Adam Schiff, a TDSer I discussed in my last post.
Let's for just a moment adopt the delusional position of McCabe, Clapper, Schiff, and other TDSers, and accept at face value that Donald Trump is a Russian asset. You'd think that his handler, Vlad Putin, would tell Trump to: (1) run the U.S economy into the ground, (2) be sure unemployment was at record high levels so that dissatisfaction among the people was maximized, (3) screw over people of color by keeping them economically disadvantaged, (4) cut military funding to keep the country weak, (5) allow open borders to stress our social services and legal system, (6) back off the NoKos, (7) make nice with the mad-mullahs in Iran, and (8) isolate our only true middle eastern ally, Israel. Those things would benefit the Russkies, and that's what Trump wants to do, right?

Interestingly, just about all of that occurred under the previous administration, but neither McCabe, nor Clapper, nor Schiff, nor other TDSers suggested that Barack Obama was a Russian agent.

And under Trump ... NONE of it happened: (1) the economy is spectacularly strong; (2) unemployment is historically low; (3) people of color have record high job prospects; (4) military funding has increased; (5) border security is a goal (resisted mightily by the Dems—are they Russian agents???); (6) the Nokos have been pressured into talks; (7) Iran is under severe economic pressure and sanctions, and (8) relations with Israel are very strong. How does any of that benefit the Russians? I wonder how McCabe, Clapper, Schiff, and other TDSers would answer that question. But when you're a TDSer, facts don't matter, common sense is jettisoned, logic doesn't exist, and hatred rules the day. Lies and distortion are your common currency.

McCabe et al are cynical liars who play to the TDS crowd. We expect people in their position to serve their country well. Instead they have done more to damage it than Donald Trump could ever do.