The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, March 28, 2019


It appears that the new political philosophy that dominates the Democrat's's actions is "double down." Their ludicrous claims promoted by their trained hamsters in the media over a period on not weeks or months, but two years, are proven false by an investigator who findings they themelves said would be the final word, so they double down on their claims. That's what Democrat leadership and virtually all members of their caucus have done. It's infuriating, laughable, and sad—all at the same time.

Daniel Henninger comments:
With one big difference, the Democratic Party, since the day Donald Trump won the 2016 election, has looked like the killer android at the end of “The Terminator.”

Its flesh burned off, the Terminator’s endoskeleton continues to pursue Sarah and Kyle into a labyrinthine factory. A bomb blows off the Terminator’s legs, but the android still won’t stop. It drags the top half of its body across the floor and with its dying hand tries to crush Sarah, until a hydraulic press finally puts out the last blinking red light in its eyes.

The big difference? The Terminator was a programmed robot, while the Democrats, in theory, possess actual human intelligence. Beyond that, I’m hard put to see the difference between the relentless android and Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Tom Steyer or any of the other anti-Trumpers and NeverTrumpers who for two years have crawled across broken glass to terminate this presidency.

One may reasonably ask: What was that all about? That the opposition simply wanted to “get Trump” is an insufficient explanation for the scale of this obsession. Nor is it sufficient to say the opposition emerged from Mr. Trump’s rhetoric about immigrants and such.

None of that explains why so many once-sober Federal Bureau of Investigation bureaucrats went rogue in 2016. It doesn’t explain why after the election professional Democrats formed themselves into what they called “the Resistance,” as if suddenly they’d all become characters in “Les Misérables.”

Something snapped in the opposition’s psyche. They started wailing about “our democracy.” The panic over this presidency became Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Henninger's metaphor is accurate in some ways, but off-the-mark in others. The Terminator was an advanced artificial intelligence, not a programmed device. It assessed its surroundings and adapted its actions to achieve a goal that was set for it (in the case of the terminator—to eliminate Sarah and Kyle. The Democrats have exhibited virtually no intelligence at all, acting more like non-programmable characters (NPCs) in video games, walking zombie-like through time and space and acting with rigidly programmed predictability. They cannot accept new information and modify their behavior accordingly. Hence, tendentious statements of people like inveterate liar Adam Schiff (D-CA), head of the House Intelligence Committee. But that's a quibble.

The Dems want to vanquish Donald Trump at the ballot box in 2020. To do that, they must convince the electorate that the lowest unemployment numbers in 60 years are a bad thing, that the best employment for people of color is also a bad thing, that low taxes are bad for the middle class, that a coherent and generally effective foreign policy is a bad thing, that support for the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, is a bad thing, that talks (however difficult and unpredictable) with the NoKos rather than war are a bad thing, and that the largest inflow of illegal immigrants across our southern border is something to be celebrated. Even an advanced A.I. like the Terminator would have trouble accomplishing that, particularly if it was obsessed with proving "collusion" or "obstruction" that never existed.