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Sunday, May 05, 2019

The Homeless

The sad reality of the "homeless" in major cities like San Francisco is that more than a few are mentally unstable or schizophrenic. Because of their affliction, they have trouble thinking clearly, sometimes hear voices or see things that aren't real, and in the most extreme cases rage against demons and strike out against anyone or anything that they perceive to be a threat.

All of us feel sympathy when we encounter the homeless, but when a street person is acting "crazy" by exhibiting aggressive behavior when none is justified and raging (loudly) against fantasy demons, we tend to give them wide berth. After all, although their rage is a symptom of mental illness, it can still do damage.

In the aftermath of the Mueller Report, the homeless have become a metaphor for the Congressional Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media. The Mueller Report essentially brands the Democrats' allegations of collusion as a hoax, yet far too many Dems can't accept the conclusions and move on. Rather, they, like the homeless, have trouble thinking clearly, and sometimes hear voices or see things that aren't real ("obstruction" is an example).

In the most extreme cases, they rage against the conclusions and the messenger (AG William Barr) and strike out against anyone or anything that they perceive to be a threat. Barr is a threat and his investigation of the real scandal (a deep state "soft coup" against Donald Trump) has the Dems confused and frightened. Because the Dems are suffering from a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (a close cousin to mental instability), they are acting in increasingly crazy ways.

But here's the thing -- the general public and particularly, independent voters, will look at the Dems' crazy behavior and begin to react to them like they might react to an aggressive, but mentally unstable homeless person—by giving them wide berth. The Dems are self-destructing, even though they don't realize it, and if past evidence is an indicator of future behavior, it looks like in coming weeks the Dems are going to double down on crazy.

Sadly, a homeless person suffering from mental instability or schizophrenia has a legitimate excuse for such behavior.

What's the Democrat's excuse?