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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Short Test

It’s earth day and the MSM is doing what it does best—sowing fear and uncertainty by using questionable science that has been promulgated by organizations with a distinct political agenda. The most common topic is global warming.

I’m certain that many of the readers of this blog feel that global warming represents a threat that should be addressed with significant reallocation of resources, a draconian “carbon credit” economy, and many other corrective actions. But before we all go too far down that road, it might be worth it for each of us to take a scientifically-based Global Warming Test, just to better understand what the scientific reality is.

The test presents 10 questions, all addressing global warming science. Take it and see how you do.

Me? I’ve spent some time reading the scientific (in addition to the political) literature. So I’m proud to say I scored 100 percent.