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Saturday, March 21, 2015

No Surprise

The Obama administration Jihad against Bibi Netanyahu following his election victory is amazing (and very troubling) to watch. This from Obama's flack, Josh Earnest:
You've also heard me raise significant concerns that we have here about the divisive election day political tactics that were deployed by the prime minister's political party on election day. And you've also heard me raise concerns about the prime minister indicting withdrawal of his country's commitment to a two-state solution and those are views that we have discussed in this venue over the last day or two and those were topics that the president raised directly with the prime minister in that phone call as I said that he would.
That's rich—Barack Obama criticizing Bibi Netanyahu for "divisive election day political tactics" after Obama worked overtime to divide his own country along class lines by dishonestly characterizing Mitt Romney as "uncaring" and those voters who preferred Romney (to a corrupt, dishonest, and incompetent sitting president) as somehow morally challenged.

Barack Obama and his administration are now in full-fledged anti-Israel mode—fulfilling an ugly bias that Obama had (and continues to have) long before he was first elected in 2008.

David Hirsanyi comments:
After years of ginned-up conflict, Barack Obama has finally found a pretext to change the contours of the United States-Israel alliance. Israel’s policies might not be changing, but the administration will “reevaluate” the relationship, anyway.

POLITICO reports that Obama may, among other things, stop shielding Israel from international pressure at the United Nations. So Americans can look forward to joining Sudan or Yemen—feel free to pick any autocratic dump, really—in condemning Jews for living in their historic homeland and relying on democratic institutions rather than a consensus at the United Nation to decide their fate.

So our morally chaotic foreign policy is coming to a predictable climax. At least on this issue. Obama, with no more elections to run, will now use these threats to pressure Israel into compliance on an Iran deal that looks more dangerous every day...
Obama is acting like a thug who thinks he can intimidate a small, democratic country into committing national suicide. The real questions are these: Where are the Democrats who purport to support Israel? Why are they not raising their voices in protest? Is there not a single Democrat senator or Congressman who finds Obama's coersive public language just the least bit offensive and is willing to say so, publicly? Are they all truly Stepford wives, roboticly following a president who appears to have become unhinged over another country's leader who questions his foreign policy?

The Left's rhetoric and support for Obama on this issue is a disgrace, but then again, it's no surprise.