The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


As a person, Donald Trump can be hard to like—that's a fact. He is pompous and narcissistic, brash and inexact, often blunt and insulting to a fault. There's only one qualifier—as President of the United States, he has been remarkably effective. The list of his actual, measurable accomplishments on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts is growing longer by the week, and that creates cognitive dissonance for those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. How can a man who is so un-woke, so crass, so icky be so effective?

In response to Trump's many important wins, the #Resistance and #NeverTrumpers have focused solely on character assassination of both Trump and everyone around him. Sure they've also been able to get a special counsel appointed, but even that now has morphed into a "witch hunt" with no relevance to the original phony allegations that precipitated the original investigation.

For example, Trump's daughter, Ivanka, goes to celebrate the historic opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and The New York Daily News front page headline in 148 point type is: "Daddy's Little Ghoul." Seems that the trained hamsters at the Daily News are outraged that palestinian "civilians" have been killed doing what they always do—throwing a hyper-violent tantrum. Following a palestinian script that has been their go-to strategy for over 40 years, these "civilians" were largely Hamas terrorists, those injured were cynically put directly in harm's way by Hamas, who produced fake news videos depicting the carnage which as then protoed by the useful idiot trained hamsters of the main stream media. Those palestinians killed were in the process of attacking the border fence with the obvious intent of killing the Israeli soldiers behind the fence.

Funny that no one among the #Resistance and #NeverTrumpers are "outraged" by the Daily News headline and no one has asked th editors of The New York Daily News to apologize for publicly suggesting that somehow Ivanka Trump is a ghoul who celebrates death. But never mind.

Over the past week, those same hypocrites among the #Resistance and #NeverTrumpers have become "outraged" over a leaked private comment about John McCain in a closed meeting by Trump advisor, Kelly Sadler. Hours upon hours of "reporting" at mainstream media outlets have been expended on what is essentially a non-story. Kurt Schlichter does what he does best when he writes:
And then there is the case of Kelly Sadler, the White House political advisor who the mob is seeking to decapitate for the fake sin of telling the truth in private in the course and scope of her job duties.

John McCain is dying. That is not in dispute. I had plenty of beefs with him when he was well, and now my thoughts are with his family. I choose to forget my anger and remember his service. Others are not forgiving, and that’s between them and the senator. The consequence of being a maverick who steps on people’s toes is that sometimes people stay angry about their stomped piggies. For my part, I hope he finds peace and that his family is comforted during this difficult time (and I think the people trying to score petty points in his name are doing him a disservice. Stop it.).

But none of this relates to Kelly Sadler. Her job is to analyze the political situation based on the facts, and the fact that the senior senator for Arizona is passing away is hugely relevant to the issue at hand, the controversial nomination of a new CIA director, which McCain opposes. In a closed meeting where the family was not present and the media not invited, she told the truth - he is dying and his opposition is unlikely to derail the nomination. But some jerk decided to leak this private brainstorming to the press - that person is a dirtbag and needs to be fired.

The family was outraged, and I will not fault them. They are grieving. But a bunch of other people - many of whom called McCain a ‘Nazi” and a “racist” and all the rest of the usual slanders back in 2008 - pretended that this statement of fact was somehow outrageous. It was not. It was her job, and she did it behind closed doors where speaking harsh truths is not only necessary but laudable. She was under no obligation to qualify her statements or be sensitive in private chats; her job was to analyze the political situation and McCain’s condition was one of the key facts. She chose to apologize - I would not have - but, of course, the liberals and the Fredocons still demand her as a sacrifice to their fake fussy outrage.
The people who today are outraged about Sadler's inappropriate but otherwise accurate private observation were among the same Democrats who as Schlichter notes, publicly called McCain a ‘Nazi” and a “racist” back when he was running against their candidate—Barack Obama—way back in 2008. All of this is breathtakingly hypocritical, but what else is new.

What the #Resistance and #NeverTrumpers are doing is (in Schlichter's words) "ankle-biting." They will do anything, no matter how craven, to take down Trump. There's only one problem, as they snip at his ankles, the public watches and shakes its collective head. It isn't working, and it shouldn't.