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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wrong Again

Regular readers of this blog already know my opinion of the vast majority of the main stream media—they are ideologically left-wing, biased in favor of the Democrats, dishonest in their reporting of the news*, utterly devoid of objectivity when it comes to Donald Trump and his many substantive accomplishments on both the domestic and foreign policy front. But there's one more thing—the majority of the trained hamsters in the main stream media are not very bright. Their comments are often uniformed and piece-meal, shocking for "journalists" at the pinnacle of the "profession."

Daniel Henninger comments on the current media meme that Trump has alienated "our closest allies" by (1) abrogating the Iran deal between Barack Obama and the Mullahs in Iran (a deal never approved by Congress) and (2) moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. He writes:
No one has suggested yet that the Trump withdrawal from Barack Obama’s nuclear-weapons deal will cause the sea level to rise, but we’re almost there. The chain reaction of post-withdrawal disasters cataloged by the global media includes the possibilities that Iran will race now toward building a nuclear weapon, that a war between Iran and Israel could engulf the Middle East, and that America has become “divided” from its allies ...

“America’s three closest friends in Europe,” the Washington Post reported, “are near-bursting with anger and exasperation at the United States.” A rule of thumb suggests itself: Might European anger correlate directly with the correctness of U.S. policy, such as this decision to withdraw from the Iran deal and restart the sanctions regime? And when does an ally become something less than that?

Once the media takes ownership of any fixed thought—here that the U.S. withdrawal from the Obama agreement will drive Iran to build a nuclear weapon—no other fact or consideration is permitted to intrude.
The media doesn't provide honest and accurate analysis, they promote a predefined and often dishonest narrative.

Henninger does provide a level of analysis that should be commonplace in the NYT and WaPo, but never is. The reason, it conflicts with the prevailing left-wing narrative, not to mention TDS:
Europe became an economic power whose interests are solely commercial. Despite the Middle East’s continued strategic importance, Europe’s view of it is entirely bloodless—a region that is merely a dependable trading partner for Europe’s biggest companies.

When in 2013 Mr. Obama raised the possibility of a deal that would lift the Iranian sanctions regime, the Europeans were all in. Whatever Mr. Obama’s nuclear dreams, the deal’s primary attraction for Europe—and Iran—was always overwhelmingly about money.

Recall that in 2012, the European Union’s growth rate had fallen below zero. Europe was also dealing with an existential threat in the Greek debt crisis, which required several multibillion-euro bailouts.

Once the Obama nuclear deal became final in 2015, Europe’s deal makers were inside Iran like a shot. European Union members, led by Germany, quickly became the mullahs’ main trading partners.

Bear in mind that the agreement’s flaws were recognized at the time, such as ignoring Iran’s messianic and imperial projects. Just days after the agreement was reached in July 2015, the head of Iran’s Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani, was in Moscow, no doubt discussing the Russo-Iranian alliance in Syria, which quickly drove torrents of refugees into Europe. In other words, the Obama-Kerry deal with Iran helped to destabilize Europe’s politics. The European publics should demand a new deal.
The same Euros who allowed their continent and their culture to be overrun by a slow motion invasion from the Middle East now suggest that Iran can be mollified and that a very bad deal should be continued (so they can make money). They're wrong again.


* Just last night, the vaunted New York Times hit a new low in fake news. Donald Trump on a visit to California was commenting on the Mexican drug gang, MS-13, a group that routinely murders innocents, kills the entire families including children of its opponents, and has been known to behead them either before or after they are murdered, hanging the corpses from light poles. With that gruesome information, Trump rightly characterized MS-13 members as "animals." Here's what the NYT (and WaPo and CSPAN among others) tweeted:
Trump lashed out an undocumented immigrants during the White House meeting, calling those trying to breach the country's borders "animals"
The level of dishonesty here is breathtaking. The NYT purposely omitted context so that it could reinforce the leftist meme that Trump thinks all immigrants are "animals"—a flat-out distortion and lie.