The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


There's a memorable scene in the movie, Slumdog Millionaire, in which the young hero is submerged in sewage and breaks through the surface gasping for air. Objective observers experience the same feeling as they witness the single most vicious, despicable, repugnant, and dishonest display of partisan politics in modern history.

And when the Democrats add a surface froth of sanctimonious hypocrisy to the mix, the cesspool overflows.

Just today, new unsubstantiated allegations from Democratic partisan and porn lawyer, Michael Avenatti, suggest that-- wait for it -- Kavanaugh was a member of a rape ring in high school. It's very convenient that Avenatti's client's allegation, like others already made, goes back 36 years, making it unverifiable, but nonetheless salacious and newsworthy. The Democrats wade into the cesspool gleefully, believing that the excrement they and they alone have dumped on the public is really whip cream.

Like other earlier unsubstantiated claims against Kavanaugh, none of the accusations have been corroborated, but that doesn't stop Democrat senators from demanding an FBI investigation, as if that will settle the matter. NOTHING will settle the matter for the Dems—they state that they "believe the women" and demand that Kavanaugh prove his innocence—that he must prove these allegations didn't happen. The simple reality that our system of justice works in exactly the opposite manner doesn't phase the through-the-looking-glass crowd.

Yeah, yeah, I know, we have to "listen" to the women who have "risked everything" to tell us that 35+ years ago, Brett Kavanaugh was a juvenile sexual thug, then exposed himself to a woman at a college party, and was a de facto member of a ring that gang-raped unsuspecting women at high school parties. Senator Lindsey Graham dissects that claim:
I have a difficult time believing any person would continue to go to – according to the affidavit – ten parties over a two-year period where women were routinely gang raped and not report it.
Why would any reasonable person continue to hang around people like this? Why would any person continue to put their friends and themselves in danger? Isn’t there some duty to warn others?

I very much believe in allowing people to be heard. But I am not going to be played, and I’m not going to have my intelligence insulted by the Michael Avenattis of the world. I will not be a participant in wholesale character assassination that defies credibility.
Yeah ... that sums it up rather nicely. We are all being played, because the Democrats lost an election, lost the House, and lost the Senate. They're angry and bitter and apparently, will stop at nothing to win at something—anything.

Remember—no evidence, no corroboration, no dates, no times, no places, but BELIEVE!! And to even suggest that there may be some other motive to the timing and content of these charges is, well, extremely politically incorrect. So, to quote one Democrat Senator, we should just "shut up!"

The cesspool is getting deeper by the day.


As this morning's hearing (circus) begins, the cesspool gets deeper. There was yet another accusation from a woman who claims Kavanaugh assaulted her in the 1990s, but then conveniently recanted her statement after the trained hamsters in the media ran with it. More interestingly, two men have now come forward indicating that they had a sexual encounters with Christine Blasey Ford during the early 1980s and that her recollection might have mistakenly confused Kavanaugh with them. Of course, their testimony has been rejected out of hand by Democrats because women must be believed, even when countervailing statements surface.

Although I'm not a big fan of Twitter, it sometimes condenses opinion rather nicely. I ran across a tweet that addresses the Democrat demand that Judge Kavanaugh must prove himself innocent:
Believe women? Believe men? I believe evidence. Facts. Truth.

The pernicious idea you must automatically believe all women no matter what is so destructive to the rightful tradition of cross examination and presumption of innocence.

This is tribal. This is must be stopped.

And finally, this tweet from a conservative woman:
Up next: Democrats will accuse Brett Kavanaugh of drinking so heavily he drove off a bridge with a young woman in the front seat, fled the scene — leaving her to drown, then later finding out she suffocated to death instead.
Heh. The Dems' sanctimonious hypocrisy froths the cesspool.