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Friday, October 05, 2018

They Won't

One way or another, one of the most shameful episodes in the long history of the U.S. Senate will come to a close over the next two days. The Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media have demonstrated an ugly and reprehensible solidarity that would be the envy of the robotic workings of a hive mind. In order to maintain the power they crave, there is no unsubstantiated allegation they will not consider, no matter how outrageous, no person they will not destroy, no matter how accomplished and respected, and no tactic they will not employ, no matter how repugnant. Even worse, there is no voice inside the Democratic party that questions this approach, that says, "Wait a minute, we're going too far with this."

So we grind onward toward a vote on Brett Kavanaugh. If you are to believe the hysterical claims of progressives, Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court will return woman to chattel and roll back a century of cultural progress. That is nonsense, but nonsense that has been embedded into the progressive psych with the power of fanatical religious thought.

Mindless chants like "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Brett Kavanaguh has got to go!" would be amusing—the warped thinking of infantile minds—if they didn't exemplify a willingness to allow mob rule to guide our politics.

Barton Swaim writes about Senator Lindsey Graham's impassioned denunciation of Senate Democrats during the Kavanaugh debacle:
Graham’s outburst was not eloquent, but he expressed what I regarded at the time, and still regard, as the searingly obvious truth that the Democrats on the committee were happy to destroy a decent and accomplished man in order to prevent a 5-4 conservative majority on the Court.

I thought of a passage in Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel, when some of Eugene Gant’s pals surround a poor wretch in an alleyway and taunt him. One of them points at the boy and says,
“His mother takes in washin’.” That gets a laugh, so the accuser says it again and adds a racial slur, and the boys all laugh except Eugene.

Eugene turned away indefinitely, craned his neck convulsively, lifted one foot sharply from the ground.
“She don’t!” he screamed suddenly into their astounded faces. “She don’t!”
... For myself, I cannot know what happened to Christine Blasey Ford in 1982 or whenever it was. But when I see a posse of arrogant powerbrokers surround a decent man and say he rapes girls and drinks too much and lies about it, all I know to say is, “He don’t. He don’t.”
I can only hope that the Democrats' will re-evaluate the vile tactics of the politics of personal destruction (No. That's NOT what happened in the case of Merrick Garland) and chart a new path. But a long history of such Democrat tactics tells me They won't. They Won't.


Larry O'Conner writes about the late conservative activist, Andrew Breitbart, who in his earlier years was a progressive:
... Much has been said of the “Kavanaugh effect” and how this tawdry melodrama will translate to votes in November’s midterms. But there may be a longer-lasting Kavanaugh effect that the left and the media are not even considering. Like Breitbart in 1991, millions of Americans have witnessed a handful of Democrats willing to take down and destroy Brett M. Kavanaugh in the same setting for the same reason. Judge Kavanaugh, like Judge Thomas, went to Yale Law School and “did everything right.” With Judge Thomas, they were painting him as a sex-starved pervert; with Judge Kavanaugh, no less than a gang rapist. And it was fair game because, after all, Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance.

And like the [Clarence] Thomas hearings, the media are the full and willing partners in this character assassination. Millions of Americans are watching. How many of them are the next Andrew Breitbart?

You see, Breitbart not only walked away from the Democrats because of this event, but he was also radicalized by it. He didn’t become just a conservative Republican; he became an activist. He dedicated his life to exposing the political left as well as the mainstream media. He called it the Democrat media complex, and expose it he did. He built an empire and, in so doing, he personally inspired multitudes who took up his musket when he tragically fell in 2012.
As this sordid story comes to an end, there is an eerie similarity between the Kavanaugh and Thomas hearings. Both men accomplished much before their nomination. Both were respected. Both were victims (yes, that is the right word) of uncorroborated accusations of sexual misconduct, both were vilified by Democrats, both fought back, and both will carry the stain of the Dems' vicious attack for the rest of their lives.

For many of Americans, including at least a few progressives like Breitbart, this will not be forgotten, and it will not be forgiven.