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Monday, February 11, 2019

Chaos in VA

The outrage brigades have turned on their own in VA, and the result is political chaos. The Democrat Governor did a truly stupid/racist thing when he was photographed [he denies this] in black face with another person dressed in a KKK costume. It was 30 years ago when he was in school. The Assistant Governor is being accused by two women of sexual abuse [he denies this] in the early part of the 2000s. The third in line of succession is the Democrat AG of VA who has also admitted to a black face incident in his youth. OMG!

The Dems are in a quandary. Their perpetual allegations of "racism" against those who oppose progressive policies have come full circle and are now used against their own. The irony is that the same Dem governor who is now accused of racism used those same accusations again his opponent (who is NOT a racist) during his last election. The Dem Lt. Gov may or may not be guilty of the sexual abuse allegations, but according the the SJWs of the left, we MUST believe the women, so ... The only problem is that the Lt. Gov is an African American and removing him from office might smack of racism (as you can see, this stuff gets complicated). And the AG, should he be forced out, would open the door to the next in line for succession—a (gasp!!) Republican. Wow. Just wow.

Conservative firebrand Kurt Schlichter comments:
... how about telling the SJWs to pound sand and leave the decision about evaluating a politician’s past where it belongs – in the hands of the voters? If you want to vote against a politician in the next election because he was either channeling Al Jolson or Robert Byrd back in 1984, that’s your right. But undoing an election, demanding a resignation, is a big deal. It deprives the voters of their choice. This should be the response we give when some Republican’s crime-free knucklehead antics from long ago get revealed:

“No. The voters of ______________ will decide.”


Now yes, I am advocating two different sets of standards, one for Democrats and one for the GOP. That dual-track rule thing is itself a New Rule imposed by the left, and when you see Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit in an orange jumper doing the pokey time we would all do for classified stuff shenanigans [or destruction of evidence during an on-going D0J investigation or alleged pay-for-play "donations" or spousal speaking fees while Secretary of State] we can talk about having one set of rules again. The fact is that the Democrats have embraced the SJWs, and they should get the full brunt of their fussy outrage good n’ hard. Let them take these wailing nuts and their phony hysterics seriously. We Republicans are supposed to reject their overwrought nonsense, hence the pounding of sand suggestion.

Just say “No.”

Now, there are times when we should cast off one of our nominal own. Corruption. Real misbehavior. Present day character issues that are so intolerable they can’t wait for the next election. Those happen, and we must police our own, but these are relatively rare situations.
In fact the only legitimate defense against these types of allegations out of the distant past is to tell the SJWs to "pound sand." Otherwise, every stupid teenage action (whether true or alleged) by any public figure will be used as a weapon. This will not stop, and now the Dems are experiencing it, full bore.

It's time for someone in the Democratic party to stand up and have a Joseph Welch moment. That someone should ask the SJWs whether they have the decency to forgive 30 year old allegations or actions. Sadly, the answer is that they do not, unless their allies or power are threatened. Hypocrites!


The Dems have had significant success painting their opposition as [fill in the epithet], But now in VA and elsewhere it appears that the Dems themselves have their share of [fill in the epithet]. Consider newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) whose tweets are becoming so rabidly anti-Semitic that even Chelsea Clinton has taken note. Where is the Dem leadership in all of this? Why hasn't Omar been stripped of her committee assignments or asked to resign? After all, the Dems demanded the same treatment when Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa) made racist remarks. And more importantly, the GOP leadership responded appropriately. What's the difference? Why the double standard? We all know the answer to those questions. Different rules apply.

Oh, BTW, where's media darling, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, on all of this. According to her legions of fawning Twitter followers, she's the new conscience of the Democratic party. AOC is oh-so concerned about racism and bigotry, I'm surprised she's not in the forefront of concern about Omar's comments. Heh.


Liz Shield puts a hard edge on her commentary about growing anti-Semitism among some national Democratic figures (not to mention far too many of its leftist base) when she writes:
There is some serious rich, liberal Jewish coin funding the left and there is a fine line the anti-Semites in the Democrat Party have to walk. They need to signal just enough Jew-hating to keep their Jew-hating base/membership happy, but not too much where it frightens Jewish checkbooks to thinking that we Jews (yes, I am Jewish) are headed for the ovens again. Use your indoor voice for your anti-Semitism, not your outdoor voice. Rep. Omar is the Democrats' outdoor voice.
Freshman Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar ignited a new controversy on Sunday night when she suggested GOP support for Israel is driven by campaign donations from a prominent pro-Israel group.
Omar singled out AIPAC, one of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, as the source of those donations.

Omar's comments touched upon a long-running, and particularly ugly, thread of the anti-Semitic movement — that Jewish money fuels backing for Israel in the United States and elsewhere. A freshman Democrat, Max Rose of New York, said, "Congresswoman Omar's statements are deeply hurtful to Jews, including myself."
AIPAC is hardly a lightening rod in the universe of pro-Israel groups (seriously, you guys), but if you are a legit Jew hater, the group would get your anti-Semitic panties in a bunch.
It long past time for Jews to #Walkaway.


Ahhhh. It appears that Ilhan Omar's overt anti-Semitism is too much, even for the leadership of the Democratic party. It looks like a statement co-signed by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), Assistant Speaker Ben Ray Luján (D-NM), Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and Caucus Vice Chair Katherine Clark (D-MA) all condemn Omar's "hurtful" comments. Goah, I don'ty see Nancy Pelosi's name on that list, or members of the Congressional Black Caucus condemning the rabid anti-Semitism of Louis Farrakkan, but whatever ...

And screw "Hurtful." Her comments don't hurt my feeling, they piss me off. Not because Omar or Tlaib or past DNC vice-chair Keith Ellison or dozens of other left-wing "activists" are anti-Semites and anti-Israel but because it's taken the Dems months and months to decide that it's bad politics. Yeah ... it is, but worse, it demonstrates that a significant percentage of Jews continue to support a party that at least in part hates their guts but is perfectly willing to use them. What fools! #Walkaway.