The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Voting with their Feet

Democrats, and democratic socialists in particular, regularly tell the rest of us that we MUST pay higher taxes to help fund all of the "free" stuff (e.g., healthcare, college tuition, college debt, guaranteed incomes, myriad social programs, large, underfunded pensions for public sector employees). They accuse the "rich" of not paying their far share, but never state exactly what that fair share might be. They demonize billionaires because ... socialism.

For all of that, they must be very proud that the top five states that tax their citizens most heavily are all deep blue. Each of those states, NY, CT, NJ, CA, and IL, have had overwhelmingly Democrat majorities in their legislatures for decades. Most have had Democrat leadership in their cities for additional decades (the last GOP mayor in the most corrupt city in the United States, Chicago, was elected in 1931!). All are under severe financial strain and all continue to advocate even higher taxes and fees.

USA Today in conjunction with the Tax Foundation provides the facts and figures. Of the top 10 states that lead in taxation, all have Democratic legislatures (the place where fiscal decisions are made and taxation is approved). The majority are losing population. That is, "tax refugees" are leaving these states to gain some relief from the crushing burden of high taxes.

But wait. If the blue model (exemplified by higher taxes and spending) is a "moral" imperative, if it is de rigueur for "economic justice," if it results (as Democrats claim it does) in better lives and better living conditions for citizens who live under it, why are people (and businesses) leaving the states that have implemented it?

The Dems are obsessed by the 2020 vote and are doing everything possible to win that vote. For just a sec, maybe they should look inward and ask themselves why citizens who live under their governance are voting with their feet and leaving. That's the vote that really matters, and it's one that the Dems lose every. single. time.