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Tuesday, May 07, 2019


In what has to be a prodigious level of stupidity, coupled with a monumental lack of self-awareness, melded with a huge amount of chutzpa, all driven by a titanic case of (Trump) derangement, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are warning the rest of us that Donald Trump may not accept the results of the 2020 elections when the Dems win a sure, if narrow, victory. The implication—Trump will become a dictator—President for Life—and we should all be scared—very, very scared. This prediction is, of course, free of any evidence or rational thought. It's based on nothing but increasing levels of Dem craziness.

Paul Beddard reports:
This week’s Liberal Media Scream features the paranoia of the left media fearing that President Trump won’t leave office peacefully, à la Venezuela.

Picking up on how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed Trump might not leave office if he loses by a close margin in 2020, MSNBC host Joy Reid on Sunday gave credence to how “there is a very real possibility that the president of the United States wants to have foreign interference again so that he can stay office” and “he doesn’t have any intention of committing to a peaceful transition of power.”

She quoted from an article about how Nixon considered refusing to leave office, and proposed: “So, it’s not completely unprecedented that a president at least contemplates the idea of staying in office unconstitutionally. How much of a threat do you think there is of that now with this president?”
What makes Pelosi's (and other trained hamsters') warning all the more ridiculous, is that they're exhibiting a case of psychological projection. After all, it has been the Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media who, after more than 2 full years, have been unable to accept the results of the 2016 election.

The Dems created a Russian collusion hoax to delegitimize Trump, paid to have phony evidence created by the Russians to frame Trump, then demanded that a special counsel be appointed to "investigate" the phony evidence, then refused to accept the special counsel's findings, and now suggest that criticism of the investigation of the hoax is "obstruction." The Dems are acting increasingly crazy. In fact, a recent poll indicates that a full 57% of Dems actually think the current President of the United States committed treason. That's nuts! It's beginning to become obvious the Dems are incapable of serious governance.

But according to those same Dems, it's Trump who won't accept the results of an election. Yeah .. right.