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Friday, October 04, 2019


Here's a thought ... every four years Hillary Clinton should run for president—no matter that she's getting older by the year, the Democrats don't really want her as a candidate, and the general public recognizes her for what she is—dishonest, corrupt, and ruthless. She should run. In fact, so should James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and other assorted conspirators who in 2016, decided that they would manufacture evidence to destroy a then GOP candidate for President.

But why?

Well, according to the prevailing "logic" that is being espoused by the Democrats, their trained hamsters in the media, some #NeverTrump GOP Republicans, and plenty of deep state operatives—the infamous four constituencies,—running for President inoculates you against any investigation into your past doings—no matter how serious, no matter how conspiratorial, no matter how dishonest, and no matter how blatantly you traded your government position to enrich or otherwise benefit yourself or others.

As the coup attempt (a.k.a. impeachment) against Donald Trump lurches onward, that's exactly the "logic" that is being used to assert that Trump has no right as a sitting President of the United States to ask others (foreign and domestic) to investigate wrongdoing by a presidential candidate that occurred in the recent past. More important, that presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was VP of the USA during the time that the alleged corruption occurred and as important, he is NOT Trump's opponent, only one of 10 or so remaining candidates running for the Democrat nomination to be Trump's opponent.

Now, let's be honest. Was there was a political component to this? Of course there was! Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, happens in DC that is NOT political. But Donald Trump, his people, and the federal law enforcement agencies have every right to ask for help in looking into potential wrong doing, even if it by a potential opponent. I suspect that if this story involved a sitting Dem president whose target was Trump and his son Donald, Jr., the four constituencies would be cheering on the investigation. The GOP would, of course, try to defend their guy, but past history indicates that they would NOT use the venal, dishonest tactics that we now see being applied to push the Dem coup forward. Don't believe me? Tell me about the Obama impeachment hearings conducted after Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, The Iran bribe, the Russian promise of "more flexibility," and other Obama-era scandals. Any one of those was considerably more serious than Ukrainia, and yet, no impeachment was initiated. Sure, those scandals were investigated, but no one in a position of GOP leadership seriously suggested that Obama be removed from office because of them.

The level of hypocrisy here is astounding, but that's par for the course.

Every time you hear a trained hamster call Biden "Trump's opponent" be sure to substitute the phrase "one of Trump's opponents who is unlikely to make it to the nomination" and in fact, one that is slipping in the polls by the week. Every time you hear a Democrat suggest that there was quid pro quo or coercion, recognize that none of that happened. Every time you hear a NeverTrumper solemnly talk about "unprecedented unconstitutional actions," smile and ask whether Biden's comments on removing a prosecutor who was about to investigate shady dealings by his son were "unprecedented unconstitutional actions," and every time you hear someone call the "Whistleblower" a "hero," ask why the Whistleblower met with smarmy Adam Schiff before submitting his/her report and whether this member of the deep state just might be a partisan Trump hater.

After two years of false and misleading claims, dishonest accusations, and vicious political tactics by the four constituencies, the Russian hoax was proven false and evaporated into thin air. No one in the four constituencies was held accountable for this slander. Now the same crew that brought us that hoax wants the American people to believe in another hoax, this one inoculated to appear bullet proof.

The only political party that bought and paid for false information to sink an actual Presidential candidate of the opposing party in 2016 is the Democrats. They demand to be inoculated against any investigation into their wrongdoing (evidence abounds). This coup attempt is part of that inoculation. We'll see whether it works or whether, or like some weak vaccines, the patient still gets sick and succumbs.