The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019


The four constituencies that form the #Resistance think they are heroes, battling to save the republic from [you pick the epithet du jour] Donald Trump. They are not heroes.

The #Resistance rejects the notion that their actions literally are intended to negate the results of a democratic election (results that they didn't like one bit). They dismiss the simple fact that they perpetuated a proven hoax, leveling false accusations of Russian collusion that never happened. They moved on to false accusations of "obstruction" for a crime that never happened. When those accusations (and the many, many lies connected to them) were proven untrue (by their chosen investigator, Robert Mueller), they quickly chose another hoax—this time, Ukrainian quid pro quo—that smacks of The Beria Rule. Now, they gleefully march toward impeachment, rather than waiting less than 12 months to defeat the evil, orange-haired ogre at the ballot box—after all, if Trump is as bad, and corrupt, and lawless as they claim he is, the #Resistance candidate should win in a landslide, shouldn't she or he?

Victor Davis Hansen discusses all of this:
... the country witnesses about every six weeks a new “turning point,” “bombshell,” “walls are closing in” effort to subvert the Trump presidency. And the list of such futile and fabricated attempts to abort Trump is indeed now quite monotonous: the efforts to sue three states on false charges of tampered voting machines, the attempt to subvert the voting of the Electoral College, the invocation of the ossified Logan Act, the melodramas concerning the emoluments clause and 25th Amendment, the Mueller’s Dream Team and all-star 22-month failed effort to find collusion and obstruction, the personal psychodramas of Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Michael Avenatti, and the Trump tax returns, the desperate efforts to tar Trump as a “white supremacist,” followed by cries of “Recession! Recession!,” and now, of course, “Ukraine! Ukraine!”
And with the shouts of "Ukraine, Ukraine," the Democrats cycle a collection of #Nevertrump members of the deep state through starchamber-like hearings to tell us that they were "concerned with" or "disagreed with" Trump's telephone call with the Ukrainian president—a call that resulted in NO investigation of the sainted Joe Biden and NO witholding of military aid. Now, it appears, words are all that matter. If a few disgruntled folks express concern or disagreement with those words—will damn, the Constitution of the United States in under threat. What unmitigated B.S.!

The onslaught against Trump began immediately upon his election. Hansen writes:
Donald Trump had been in office less than a month when The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. intelligence agencies had decided on their own to withhold information from the recently inaugurated president of the United States: “In some of these cases of withheld information, officials have decided not to show Mr. Trump the sources and methods that the intelligence agencies use to collect information, the current and former officials said.”

What would one call that? Obstruction? A coup? A conspiracy?

Most of the major intelligence heads in the Obama Administration—James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper—either leaked classified information aimed at harming candidate and then President Trump, later declared him a veritable traitor and Russian asset, or earlier took measures to monitor his campaign or administration’s communications.

In the coming months, the investigations of Michael Horowitz, the inspector general at the Justice Department, and the department’s own criminal investigations by U.S. Attorney John Durham, may well detail one of the most extensive efforts in our history by the American intelligence agencies and their enablers in the executive branch to subvert a campaign, disrupt a presidential transition, and to abort a presidency.
One can only hope that despite the predictable screams of "political retribution" which have already begun in the left-wing media, Michael Horowitz and the DoJ's John Durham will uncover the truth of this despicable conspiracy. It's time for some of these "heroes" to pay a price for their duplicity, but I continue to wonder if they will.


Jeff Tucker doesn't use the word "monotonous" when describing the impeachment travesty, but he comes close:
... I’m as civic-minded as the next guy. I’m against corruption. I’m for holding politicians accountable. Government should be good, morally upright, true blue. For this reason, I know that I’m supposed to find impeachment to be engaging, ominous, and fraught with significance for the future of our constitutional republic. Of course this is extremely important for our lives. Of course!

But maybe….maybe it is all kind of boring. For some reason, the whole affair is starting to take on the character of elevator music.

The trouble is that there are some things that everyone knows. Everyone knows how this ends. The Senate will stop the impeachment, and then the president will use this to amp up the drama for his re-election and energize his base as never before. That this whole thing will backfire to his benefit is as sure as sunrise. The Democrats these days are about as strategic as Wile E. Coyote and equally persistent in trying out their newest trick that will again end with a puff of dust emerging the ground below the cliff.

Everyone knows that the House Democrats and the entire party have been in an existential meltdown of fury, shock, and horror ever since election night 2016. The results were not supposed to be as they were, which everyone knew because nearly every living soul in the mainstream press assured us that Trump would flame out and die a disgraceful political death that night.

Everyone knows that the center-left has sought impeachment from that moment on. This Ukrainian business – even if the substance of every accusation is true – is the convenient excuse that they needed to do what they swore to do that night. The maudlin performances and pearl clutching in the House of Representatives are so much theater.
If you think clearly and dispassionately, it's difficult not to agree with Tucker's assessment. The problem, I suppose is that the Dems are driven by Trump Derangement Syndrome. As a consequence, they gave up thinking clearly and dispassionately a long, long time ago.

Tucker concludes with a remarkably accurate assessment of the entire political milieu as we approach 2020:
Finally, here is the core of what everyone knows. Everyone knows that the real-life business of government is shady, backstabbing, underhanded, duplicitous, dogs-eating-dogs, and fundamentally rotten. Both sides. All sides.

This impeachment, in particular, has a cast of characters out of the darkest corners of American life. We’ve got a salivating media hungry for readers, a gaggle of permanent bureaucrats wanting to drive out the interloping president, an opposition party consumed in fear and loathing, and vast partisan interests excited about how much money they can raise from the naive who join political tribes and cough up money to see their tribe win the day.
How. True.