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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Big Hurry

After hours of pro forma posturing, the House will vote to impeach Donald Trump today. It's laughable to watch the pre-vote count of "moderate" Dems who made promises to GOP members who (unwisely) voted for them in 2018. They promised that they wouldn't rubber stamp the Democrat leader's unhinged impeachment efforts and then went ahead and did just that—yeah, I know, it's all a matter of conscience and the constitution, riiighht?

But ya gotta give the Democrats points for Chutzpa. Lying to your constituents is perfectly okay when they're members of the GOP and besides, Trump is so icky he deserves to be impeached for something that never happened.

And now, on to the Senate trial!! Senate Minority leader, Chuck Schumer, escalates the level of Chutzpa by demanding that additional witnesses be called. Fairness and all that. Victoria Taft comments:
Try to stifle your laughter while watching Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer lecture folks about the "fairness" he wants to see in the Senate Impeachment trial of President Trump. In fact, Schumer admits that some senators think there's so little evidence to convict Trump that he wants more "fairness" to suss out new dirt that House Democrats didn't discover in their "inquiry."

After the House conducted most of its "impeachment inquiry" in Rep Adam Schiff's panic room in secret in the basement, after he denied Republicans a chance to call witnesses without Schiff's approval, you've got to appreciate the out-of-the-ballpark gall that it takes to completely ignore your own side's treachery and demand you be treated better.

That was Schumer's task on Monday as he told reporters that he wanted to call his own witnesses to testify against President Trump, gain access to subpoenaed documents denied the House, and hold a real trial to collect evidence and cross examine witnesses.

"A good number of my Republican colleagues said that they believe the charges are serious but there isn't enough evidence yet to make a decision."

... Put another way, Schumer wants a do-over on Trump.
The shrinking #NeverTrump crowd within the GOP will tell us that the Senate must be deliberative. Must play by the rules and must give their charges a fair hearing.


Think Kavanaugh.

No matter how fair, how thorough, how measured the Senate "trial" is, the Dems will tell us that it was a whitewash. That Trump is GUILTY!

So ... the trial should be short and sweet. One day ... maybe less. Acquittal for lack of evidence or sanity.

Sure, the Dems and their trained hamsters in the media will scream, but they'd do that even if the trial took 4 days or 4 weeks or 4 months. The Dems suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and they will not accept any action that leaves a duly-elected president in office to complete his term.

So screw 'em.

They were in a big hurry to impeach. The GOP Senate should be in a big hurry to acquit.