The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Sunday, December 22, 2019


Early in her tenure as a freshman congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a media darling. A telegenic media Star, AOC was quoted regularly, and was the goto spokesperson for a far left ideology that advocated socialism as a path to a utopian America. As time passed, it appears that party elders (looking at polls that showed she was hurting Dem election chances), told her to sit down and be quiet. She still got some media coverage but the level of fervor and the overall emphasis on her comments abated in the second half of 2019.

Today, AOC remains a committed socialist and is a strong campaigner for socialist, Bernie Sanders, one of the frontrunners for the Democratic presidential nomination. The social justice warrior crowd lionizes Sanders along with AOC.

Recently AOC was quoted as making the following comment:
"We should all be dangerous. We should be dangerous to injustice...we should be dangerous to a system that treats us as less than we deserve.”
The Left loves the use of romantic language when they describe themselves (e.g., the "Resistance") and their approach to what they characterize as “social justice“. AOC's followers love the thought that she somehow 'threatens' all of the institutions that have worked to make our country an outpost of freedom and opportunity in the world.

Here’s an example of one of her followers on Twitter picking up on the "dangerous" meme:
So deeply moved by @AOC who isn’t afraid to be dangerous and name the thing: late stage capitalism is collapsing our planet, white supremacy is in the WH and it must go. We must fight for justice and make it happen!
All socialists are 'dangerous,' but not in the way they think. By promoting the hysteria that the planet is collapsing due to capitalism, socialists conveniently forget that it's the capitalist system that has made the masses richer, eradicated disease, provided better living conditions and stronger educational opportunities, and given them more freedom than any attempt at socialism in the history of that same "collapsing" planet. They trivialize the phrase "white supremacist" by promoting a proven hoax (read the damn transcript!) that dishonestly claimed Donald Trump stated that neo-Nazis were "fine people." He. Did. Not. And they aggressively avoid the clear reality that people of modest means can apply their own initiative to improve their lives—sometimes substantially.

So AOC and Bernie, along with a majority of SJWs who support them are "dangerous." But not in the way they would like. They promote a destructive ideology that has ruined more countries and impoverished and imprisoned more people than capitalism, for all it flaws, every could.


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, except this editorial by the Las Vegas Review-Journal that comments on a recent Bernie-AOC political road show conducted in Sin City. The editors write:
There’s little doubt that the tired old Marxism promoted by Sen. Sanders and fellow comrade Rep. Ocasio-Cortez would indeed “transform” the United States. The debate arises over whether that transformation would be for the better — and on that point, the carnage wrought throughout the 20th century by the siren song of socialism offers a definitive answer.

Sen. Sanders is old enough to know better, of course. But the 30-year-old AOC is unburdened by the weight of historical perspective. She has sharp and canny political instincts, however, and has ridden a wave of radical progressive chic to become, in her first term, one of the most visible Democrats in the House, the vanguard of a young left that disdains individual liberty and capitalism in favor of a collectivism and identity politics cloaked in benevolence but steeped in a dangerous combination of compulsion and authoritarianism.
Ahhh ... the word "dangerous" appears yet again, but this time in the proper setting. The socialism espoused by Bernie, AOC, and a non-trivial percentage of the new Democratic party is a "dangerous" blend of "compulsion and authoritarianism." The woke tell us how to think; they tell us what we can and connot say, they tell us what we must tithe to the government in taxes emphasizing that you can never pay your "fair share"; they identify the subjects that can be taught in our schools and the content of the lessons; they demonize those who have achieved material wealth through hard work; the call half the country "racist;" they define the health care we can have (and the care we can't have); they edit history so it serves only their needs. And that's a short list.