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Monday, December 30, 2019

The Year in Review

As we approach the New Year and the transition to a new decade, it's time to review the events of 2019. Despite the craziness, 2019 has been a very good year for the vast majority of Americans. The economy continues to out-perform almost all predictions, unemployment is historically low, federal taxes are taking a smaller bite of of middle class paychecks, wages are up across all wage groups, minorities are doing well economically, and overseas, we are considerably less embroiled in foreign wars than we've been in a long time.

But I did mention "craziness," and we saw that on steroids emanating from virtually every Democrat politician on the national stage, a significant majority of their supporters and, of course, their legions of trained hamsters in the media. For the crazies, the United States is on the edge of ruin, the economy is "unfair" (to someone), the country is systemically 'racist," the constitution is under threat, and, of course, impeach, impeach, impeach ...

Frank Miel has a rather amusing take off on the craziness of 2019 when he writes:
For me, I’m going to remember 2019 as the Democrats’ last stand. The party of Thomas Jefferson was given the keys to the nation’s future and told, simply, don’t drive it off the road. Instead, the Democrats honored their Southern roots and decided to go mud bogging! Might have been fun if they had four-wheel drive, but they were stuck with the antique transmission of the Constitution. Voters were sure to notice when the yee-haw Democrats covered them with dirt, ground the gears to dust, and spun the engine into oblivion.
Meile goes on to review just a few of the many, many crazy events that defined the year. He begins by noting that as soon as the Dems took the House of Representatives in January, the drumbeat for impeachment began in earnest. But at the same time, they told us that our "racist" country could only be redeemed it they and they alone removed Donald trump an d took power. As if on cue, a supposed horrific incident occurred. Meile describes it:
Jan. 29: Democrats encountered a detour on their road to ruin when “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett claimed to be the victim of a hate crime on the streets of Chicago in the middle of the coldest night of the year. The noose still hanging around his neck when police came to his door later may have seemed like the perfect prop to TV star Smollett, but to everyone else it seemed like a giant neon light shouting, “Give me attention!” Did I say everyone? Oops. Not Democrats, who have mastered the marriage of victimhood and hagiography. To them, St. Jussie was the second coming of Tawana Brawley. Oh, wait. This is getting way too uncomfortable! It’s almost like Democrats specialize in phony attacks and disingenuous outrage. Hmmm. On Feb. 21, Smollett was arrested for filing a false police report, but thanks to a corrupt system in Chicago, he walked away without even a slap on the wrist for his staged hate crime. Did I mention Chicago?
The Dems and their trained hamsters in the media tripped over themselves to let the Smollett story go as quickly as they could, and with a cast of cartoon characters that Hollywood would envy—Nancy P., Adam S, and Jerry N., the Dems began their push toward the promised land. Lies, innuendo, and a rule-bending approach to their "investigations" lead to the forgone conclusion that the evil Donald Trump had colluded with the Russians and would be impeached. But then, in the best tradition of the Keystone cops, their own special counsel, Robert Mueller, told them it just didn't happen. Back to the drawing board.

As the economy continued to get better and better, the Dem's craziness was ratcheted up and some of it was truly comic. Miele writes:
March 25: CNN’s preferred candidate for president, porn-star lawyer Michael Avenatti, is arrested for a real extortion scheme he allegedly plotted against Nike. Over the next month, Avenatti, the darling of the Never Trumpers, would be indicted and charged with north of 40 federal crimes. The presidency would have to wait for a better con man.

April 25: Enter Joe Biden. Ignoring former boss Barack Obama’s wise counsel that “You don’t have to do this, Joe,” Biden commits professional suicide by announcing his candidacy for president, thus ensuring he will leap from comfortable irrelevancy to irrelevant corrupt con-man politician who will eventually have to answer for his bragging about a quid pro quo in Ukraine. Talk about poetic justice!
As the race for the presidency began in earnest, it became apparent that the only people who had a chance were 'woke.' Meile describes peak early crazy during the first 'debate:'
June 27: Wait, there actually was something else the Democrats could do. All 10 Democrat candidates in the first presidential primary debate on NBC raised their hands when asked if they would guarantee health-care coverage for illegal aliens. Democrats swooned, but the rest of us just felt sick.
In their vision quest to achieve impeachment, Dems were nothing if not persistent. Again Meile comments:
Sept. 9: The inspector general of the intelligence community, Michael Atkinson, draws the short straw and is forced to launch a third unsuccessful coup attempt against President Trump by the CIA involving the “urgent” and “credible” whistleblower complaint that turned out to be “irrelevant” and “partisan” a few days later when President Trump released the consensus transcript of his call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. When will they ever learn? Oh, well, after Trump is reelected, they will have four more years to get their impeachment-coup machine in working order. If at first you fail to smear, try, try again.
The fact that the "whistleblower" is a Democratic operative with close connections to Joe Biden seemed to escape the trained hamsters in the media who characterized him as the second coming of Daniel Ellsberg. The hamsters also seemed curiously uninterested in the manner in which Joe Biden's son earned millions in the Ukraine or why his father, Joe Biden while VP of the United States, bragged about shutting down an investigation into the company that paid his son millions. Nothing to see there ... move along.

As we moved into 4Q19, the Dems told us that the country was in peril, that trump MUST be impeached post haste or the constitution would be destroyed due by spontaneous combustion. So they rushed through their latest "investigation," bending rules as they careened toward a predetermined result. And then, Nancy P. slammed on the brakes. All that talk about alacrity disappeared. Now she tells us it's important that the Senate call witnesses that the Dem House chose not to call, and play by the rules that the Dems refused to follow. Okay then.

Meile concludes with this:
... Speaker Pelosi, who had been holding the nation hostage since September, is expected to free the impeachment sometime early in 2020, but the nation itself will remain a prisoner throughout most of the year as Pelosi and her henchmen in the media continue to pretend that the other shoe is about to drop, leading to a bombshell revelation that this is the beginning of the end of President Trump, who will nonetheless breeze to reelection on his pledge to Keep America Great and to keep the socialist Democrats at bay.
But in the meantime, the Dems are just warming up. Peak crazy is yet to come.

Happy New Year!