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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Man of the People

There's something particularly galling about has-been politicians who leave office and then make millions of dollars in speaking fees and/or book deals when they have nothing of interest to say or write. Of course, we all know that these deals are all about payoffs based on past favors or future guarantees of access. The Clintons were masters of this grift to the extent that they made in excess of $100 million doing it after Bill and then Hillary left office. 

Speaking of has-been politicians, let's consider Joe Biden, America's "man of the people"—a man who for almost 5 decades, never worked in the private sector, never created any service or product that had any value, and was never known as a good speaker (LOL) or writer (can anyone say 'plagarism'?). Yet, Joe earned $15.6 million dollars in the two years after he left office. And even though Joe tells us he's really concerned about "Trump's attack on the payroll tax", according to the WSJ, Biden and his wife avoided the payroll tax on $13.3 million in income by using a tax dodge. BTW, Biden's brothers and son, Hunter, received anywhere from tens of millions to billions of dollars because they were connected to the then-VP of the United States. Gotta love it.

Stephen Green, author of the Insanity Wrap column, comments:

Biden has never been a great speaker, even when his mind was comparatively sharp.

So Insanity Wrap must ask what could Biden possibly have to say or write that was worth millions?


Biden wasn’t paid for speaking and writing. He was paid by people hoping that he could deliver the goods to them — as Insanity Wrap hopes you already knew — either through his connections in Washington, or especially if he could win the White House.

It doesn’t get much more corrupt than that, and most of the Infotainment industry is helping Biden along because they’re riding the same gravy train.

You'd think that a media that insists that "Truth Dies in Darkness"  might be interested in shedding some light on Biden's earnings, or maybe asking him why his brother, Frank, was able to get $45,000,000 in taxpayer loans from the Obama administration for his Caribbean projects? Or maybe why a newly-created company "employing" his other brother, James, received a $1.5 billion contract to build homes in Iraq despite having no experience in construction or international development? And then, of course, there's his son, Hunter. Younger Biden's many unusual "deals" were clearly predicated on his connections to Washington's elites

Nah ... the NYT and WaPo, among others, are more interested in convincing us all that COVID-19 would never infect "mostly peaceful" protesters, and that makes riots okay -- from a public health perspective, of course.

And spare me the argument that no matter what, Biden can not be held responsible for the actions of relatives, and therefore any investigation of, say, his son, is unwarranted. Those arguments are being made by the same politicians and their trained hamsters in the media who "investigated" Donald Trump, Jr. for having a meeting before the campaign. Not a nickel changed hands and nothing of substance happened. But thousands of column inches were dedicated to the story. Different political parties, different rules.