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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Precedent and Norms

It is truly amusing to watch the Democrats' trained hamsters in the mainstream media create "bombshell" story after "bombshell" story, only to have each fall flat and become a nothingburger with 48 hours. The latest NYT "bombshell" about Donald Trump's leaked tax returns is yet another comical example. In essence, the story exonerates Trump from any illegality, proves that he was not in debt to "the Russians," demonstrates that his assertion that he was under audit is accurate, and indicates that he used tax laws written by both Democrats (think: Joe Biden) and the GOP to pay only the taxes he owed. 

So ... now that the latest "bombshell" (timed to give a cognitively challenged Joe Biden a debate talking point) has failed, we're back to Amy Coney Barrett (ACB). As if on queue, the Dems refuse to meet with her* and claim they will delay confirmation proceedings because ... "precedent and norms." 

Yeah, that would be the same precedent that had Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) confirmed in 42 days with a bipartisan vote of 96 - 3. Or maybe it might be the precedent that you don't nominate and confirm a SCOTUS justice before an election. Problem is ... it has happened at least nine times before—when the President and the Senate majority are of the same party. 

But wait ... the Dems claim this is all about a "power grab." Uh ... yeah ... it is a GOP power play for sure, just like the Dem's:  

  • destruction of Robert Bork or 
  • "lynching" of Clarence Thomas or 
  • vilification of Antonin Scalia or 
  • defamation of Brett Kavanaugh,

... that kind of Democrat political play, right?

But, but, but what about norms." You mean like threats to pack the courts if the Dems don't get their way, or removing the Senate filibuster, or eliminating the electoral college. Or maybe it's insisting that deep-blue D.C. and Puerto Rico become states so that the Senate balance shifts. Those kinds of norms?

For four years, the Dems have done everything possible to destroy a presidency up to and including weaponizing the government against Donald Trump. They have paid for false dossiers, repeatedly solicited illegal leaks of government documents, encouraged their supporters in the FBI to attempt a now proven "soft coup," created a Russian collusion hoax, and then conducted "investigations" that turned up nothing. They have impeached Trump for a phone call ...and failed. 

And now they and their media hamsters have the unmitigated gall to fall back on "precedent and norms?" You gotta be kidding.


*  As an example of Dem hyperbole, we have Senator Kirstin Gillibrand (D-NY), a contender for the dumbest Democrat politician in the senate, who tweeted: "I will not participate in the degradation of our democracy or our judiciary, or in confirming a judge so clearly unfit for the Supreme Court." This statement by a person who is "so clearly unfit" to be a U.S. Senator.