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Monday, October 05, 2020

A "Scandal" and a Scandal

Yesterday, I wrote about a dark fantasy that has possessed far too many Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media—Donald Trump (through his "dangerous and irresponsible actions," of course:) contracts COVID-19 and becomes so ill he can't campaign. Even better, he succumbs to the virus, an object lesson that instructs us all that hiding in the basement and shutting down the country in fear is the only way to handle a pandemic.

As usual, when fantasy collides with reality, fantasy loses every time. In this case the reality is that even in the worst case, people in Trump's age group who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 have a 95 percent chance of recovery. In this case, it looks like Trump and his medical team has overcome the virus and that he will be released within the next few days to recuperate at the White House.

But the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd, an adjunct of Team Apocalypse, can't let it go, so they've decided to turn Trump recovery into a "scandal." Breathless with outrage, the trained hamsters tell us that the White House "lied" about his condition, he was "much sicker" than reported, he put others at "mortal risk," you know ... orange man baaaad.  It's so over the top, it's inadvertently comical.

Teams of reporters are combing through every medical indicator to find a "scandal." Doctors who are obviously Democrat partisans are interviewed telling us that he remains in mortal danger and he is infecting others by deciding to leave Walter Reed.

But through all this there's a not-so-subtle irony. COVID-19 is a serious virus, but contracting it is a transient condition. Once you recover, it's gone and you can fully resume you life. Dementia, on the other hand, is sadly a permanent condition, almost impossible to treat effectively, and one that becomes progressively worse and ultimately debilitating over time.

There is copious circumstantial evidence (example: here) that Joe Biden has some form of dementia and that it has gotten progressively worse over the past few years. He has good days and bad, but every indicia for dementia is there—and Joe wants to be president! Joe will be asked to make life and death decisions that affect tens of millions. Joe will set policy that affects still more millions. Joe must be capable of addressing threats rationally and responding to them. It's becoming increasingly obvious that Joe is not cognitively able to do any of those things.

Where are the teams of reporters who are combing through every medical indicator to find out how bad Joe Biden's dementia is, to determine what anti-psychotic or memory enhancing drugs he is taking, to assess his short and long term prognosis? After all, that's what the media is now doing with Trump, and COVID-19 is a walk in the park when compared to senile dementia. 

You'd think the reality of Joe's condition would be information that the American people might want to have before they cast their vote. Nah ... the rules are different for Joe. In the extreme, his dementia actually would put the entire country at risk, but he's a Democrat and therefore exempt from any serious investigation.

So the mainstream media clutches their pearls when Donald Trump, recovered from a transient bout of COVID-19 and looking reasonably robust, leaves Walter Reed to visit his supporters outside the hospital. Those same media hamsters are sanguine about the 11 days in September when Joe Biden stayed hidden in his basement, not meeting the public, not answering any media questions, and not demonstrating that he can perform the duties of a president. 

There are fantasy "scandals" and then there is an actual scandals. The faux outrage over Trump recovery is the former, and the lack of interest and investigation into Joe Biden's dementia is the latter.


Team Apocalypse and the Democrats (and probably some GOP politicians as well) recognize the validity of the Brandolini's Law. 

"What's that?" you ask. 

In 2013, someone named Alberto Brandolini posted a tweet that is particularly appropriate in the time of COVID—a time when a wholly irresponsible media actively sews fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) with the express intent of causing the defeat of a president they despise.

Here's the original tweet:

How very true.

The Russian collusion hoax, the "fine people" hoax, the blatantly false claims that there was no attempt by the FBI under the Obama-Biden administration to subvert the 2016 Trump campaign and then undermine his presidency, or the full-on disinformation campaign surrounding COVID-19 are just a few examples of the tsunami of "bullshit" that the Dems trained hamsters in the media actively push. Hundreds of outright lies, small and large distortions, and context-free claims, must be refuted, and that isn't easy because ... Brandolini's Law.

The Dems and their trained hamsters know it's exhausting to refute it all. They know it takes enormous effort. And they know that a corrupt and dishonest media will help them be certain the their lies and distortions remain active in the public's consciousness.