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Friday, October 02, 2020

COVID & Trump

With the announcement this morning that Donald Trump and his wife had contracted COVID-19, the Democrat's trained hamsters in the media flew into action. Conjuring all of their catastrophist fury, they immediately condemned the president (after a perfunctory statement of concern), suggesting that if he had only "worn a mask" and properly "stated the severity of the virus" and not held rallies, none of this would have happened.

The editors of the LA Times are typical:

No matter how you feel about Trump’s performance as president — and we feel pretty strongly that it has been a disaster — this is another crisis for a nation reeling from a year that almost seems apocalyptic: Trump's impeachment, COVID-19, a popular outcry over racial injustice, the deaths of John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, catastrophic wildfires. And now this: A reckless president whose irresponsibility has endangered not only himself and his family but the stability of the country by throwing the executive branch into chaos. Another crisis, this one fully of Trump's own making.

Let's unpack this nonsense beginning with its overarching theme. 

It appears that the woke are perfectly willing to blame a victim of the virus when it suits their needs. They suggest that Trump was "reckless." Does that hold for the other people who have contracted the virus—were they "reckless" too, or is the virus a communicable airborne illness that cannot be controlled by theatrical virtue signaling nor through the wearing of "Harris/Biden" masks or even through social distancing? Apparently, if you're a "mostly peaceful protester" (a.k.a., rioter) on the Left, the "reckless" label doesn't hold, at least in the view of the woke editors of the LA times. But if you hold outdoor rallies like Trump has done, rallies that actually are peaceful and non-violent, well ... that's a different matter entirely.

Are the woke suggesting that like their chosen candidate, a feeble Joe Biden, Donald Trump should have staying bunkered in the White House basement for 6 months, refused to meet with the press, avoiding contact with other government leaders, and run around in circles (socially distanced, of course) screaming that "We're all gonna die!!!!"  All of this for a virus that even in his age group, is generally nothing more than a bad cold or the common flu.

Progressives have adopted a catastrophist view of COVID-19 that rejects every serious piece of scientific data collected about the virus, relying instead on their fantasy belief that children are at risk (they are NOT), that lockdowns work (they do NOT), and that the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions are less important than their own perceived safety. The woke catastrophists have prescribed actions that not only won't stop the spread (if those actions actually worked, the virus would be gone), but have deleterious health and economic consequences for tens of millions of people. Their candidate has stated that economic recovery cannot happen until the virus is eradicated—that we should lockdown yet again. Those are the rantings of a cognitively disabled fool who cannot or will not accept the catastrophic consequences of the original lockdown.

So ... yeah ... today the Left will revel in Trump's illness. It provides them with a perfect virtue signally opportunity. It's really the only thing they're good at.