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Monday, October 12, 2020

Riots? What Riots?


What riots? 

After internal polling indicated that leftist rioting in cities across the country had caused many Americans to gravitate toward a vote for Donald Trump (while Biden hid in his basement), the Democrats' trained hamsters in the media have decided on a complete riot (a.k.a. "mostly peaceful protests) news blackout. In fact, the Associated Press (AP) has banned the use of the word "riot" from its news reports. Even "peaceful" protests have dropped off the front page and news about rioting has all but disappeared, even though destruction and violence in Portland and other cities are ongoing. 

Byron York comments:

Remember when Democratic leaders and their allies in the media blamed it all on Trump? But with the president in a hospital 2,800 miles away, and with Democrats and media talkers consumed by other stories, the protests have continued. At the courthouse, as the indefatigable street journalist Andy Ngo reported, the rioters began to vandalize a building that "cost taxpayers $324 million and took four years of construction time." Six people were arrested.

Even more serious was an attack on a police officer. On Sunday morning, a Portland officer was doing paperwork in his car when a rioter smashed a window and filled the car with pepper spray. The officer managed to radio a description of his attacker, who was later arrested in a car that police had been following earlier. "Inside the vehicle, officers found window punch tools, pepper spray, throwing knives, a laser pointer, a slingshot, rocks, and more," police noted ... it was a whole rioter's toolkit. (The packets of Sudecon are for self-treating pepper spray exposure.)

Police reported that the suspect was a 41 year-old Portland man named John B. Russell. He was charged with assaulting a public safety officer, aggravated harassment, and criminal mischief in the first degree. Andy Ngo helpfully provided Mr. Russell's mug shot ... Ngo also reported that Russell, like almost every other violent rioter in Portland, was quickly released [using bail money from a fund contributed to by people on the Biden campaign], so he will surely be back at work soon.

The Dems hope that by muzzling their trained hamsters, people will forget the chaos that reigned in blue cities for 4 months. People won't forget.

Pushback is coming.


A cognitively challenged Joe Biden tells us that antifa (and by extension, the group BLM) is just "an idea," not a group of leftist extremists whose behavior (e.g., destruction, arson, violence) borders on domestic terror. 

Journalist Andy Ngo tweets:

Heh. Maybe Joe Biden should explain to us how "an idea" can attack a woman because she was carrying an American flag. For that matter, the last time I checked, ideas didn't burn down buildings, destroy property, attack cops, or murder civilians. Maybe Joe should emerge from his basement a give his idea a name. He should then condemn leftist riots without reservation or reference to "white supremacists," who are bad people but had nothing whatsoever to do with the destruction we have seen in Portland and elsewhere (except in the fevered imagination of those suffering from TDS).

Then again, it's entirely possible that Joe can no longer understand the difference between "an idea" and a bunch of leftist thugs who want to do harm to anyone who opposes them.