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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Back to the Future

By withholding and/or de-emphasizing news that might reflect badly on Joe Biden and by extension their party of choice (the Democrats), the main stream media (along with virtually all of the major social media outlets) almost single-handedly (they got a little help with voting "irregularities" in select blue cities) succeeded in defeating the man they hate—Donald Trump. 

But even after their expected election result was achieved, they insist on continuing their narrative—in part, to justify their dishonest, unethical, and biased treatment of the man. Among the many outright lies the media perpetuates is the canard that Donald Trump's foreign policy was a disaster. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, could be further from the truth.

Caroline Glick discusses only one of many of Trump's foreign policy achievements:

For 72 years, U.S. presidents sought to achieve peace between Israel and the Arab world. For 72 years, they largely failed.

What for so long eluded presidents from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Obama seems to have come effortlessly to President Donald Trump. In the space of just four months, together with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump has achieved four peace deals between Israel and Arab states—twice the number achieved by all his predecessors combined. Last Thursday, Trump announced Morocco has joined the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Sudan in the Abraham Accords normalization agreements with Israel. Three or four more Arab states are likely to join the circle of peace in Trump's final weeks in office.

Not only has Trump brought more peace to the Middle East, more comprehensively and faster than all of his predecessors combined, but he made it look easy. Israel's ties with its Abraham Accords partners are expanding massively by the day. Tourists from the UAE are streaming into the country. And with one in seven Israeli Jews descended from the Moroccan diaspora, the potential for business and cultural ties between Israel and Morocco is almost limitless.

Trump's sundry Middle East peace deals are humiliating for his predecessors. Not only did they fail where Trump has succeeded, but they insisted that his achievements were impossible.

Gosh, you'd think that maybe a little credit would be due. But no, the establishment elites would never, ever admit that they have been bested (not a little, but a lot) by a man they view as a vulgarian. Nobel peace prize? Not a chance. That was reserved for Barack Obama—a man whose feckless foreign policy team achieved absolutely nothing and arguably did far more harm than good. Oh well, life's not fair.

And now, Joe Biden has essentially reassembled Obama's foreign policy Team of 2s. Back to the future.


Now that Donald Trump will be gone in less than a month, you'd think that an honest media would spend some time assessing his presidency without the hatred and distain they evidenced since before his election in 2016. Nope. Not only won't they give the outgoing president credit for his many achievements, they continue to push their tired canards. The most recent, that Trump considered imposing martial law because he lost. 

Liz Peek, an unabashed Trump supporter, provides a summary of Trump's many tangible accomplishments during his tumultuous four years in office. She addresses an economy that was booming pre-Covid, the creation of half a million manufacturing jobs, the best wages and economic environment for blacks and Latinos in history, an historic rise in middle class wages, his overhaul of our suffocating regulatory regime, his legitimate attempt to control our southern border. She concludes with this:

Trump’s achievements in foreign affairs include the historic Abraham Accords, which forged first-ever diplomatic relations between Israel and a number of Arab states, ring-fencing Iranian belligerence in the Middle East.  

Trump also took a harder line against ISIS, freeing our troops to crush the caliphate, which they did in short order.  

Most important, President Trump confronted China, exposing and demanding an end to their unfair trade practices, massive theft of American know-how and persistent human rights abuses. In thrall to Big Business and Big Tech, previous presidents turned a blind eye to the rising threat from Beijing; Trump did not. No wonder China hoped for a Joe Biden presidency.   

As for accusations that Trump has been soft on Russia, the charge is as dishonest as the Russiagate hoax. Unlike Obama, Trump sent lethal weapons to Ukraine to help in their battle against Russia, closed consulates in Seattle and San Francisco, threw dozens of suspected Russian spies out of the country and imposed sanctions on Moscow.  

More important, Trump’s enthusiastic backing of our oil and gas industries helped drive oil prices down, wreaking havoc on Russia’s economy. If the climate zealots succeed in hobbling our energy businesses, it will be a great gift to both Russia and China.

The four anti-Trump constituencies (the Dems, the media (legacy and social), GOP NeverTrumpers, and the deep state) would have us believe that Trump's presidency was a failure, that he did nothing to improve the lives of average Americans and embarrassed us overseas. That's an outright lie, but S.O.P. for those who hate Trump. 

One can only hope that Joe Biden and his emerging Team of 2s can accomplish half of what Trump did, and do it in a way that provides more benefit than harm for our country. After all, Biden has a huge advantage—the media will not criticize him and will protect him from scandals and political attacks.

Based on early rhetoric and cabinet choices, I'm pretty sure the Biden administration (for as long as it lasts) will be very diverse, very woke, and very ineffective. But you never know.