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Friday, December 04, 2020

Wretched Whiners

As the "Woke" prepare to ascend to power (spare me the "Biden is a moderate" mantra), their politically correct thought will govern many of our institutions. And as the Woke gain even more confidence, they won't be satisfied with just pushing their rather warped notion of "social justice" on the rest of us. Nope. They fully intend to censor any attempt to publish, speak, and/or post opposing thought.

It's already begun in earnest. Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook regularly de-platform people whose opinions some 25 year-old woke Facebook dweeb doesn't like. Their woke coders create hunter/killer algorithms that search out opposing views and limit their distribution and impact, being sure that if they start to trend they're shut down quickly. Google ranks information and curates it based on a secret algorithm that emphasizes adherence to a woke narrative. Views that offer a counterpoint are relegated to page 14 of the search results, and it's not because SEO is bad. YouTube demonitizes videos that are not sufficiently politically correct. Amazon bans books (Alex Berenson's well-researched and scientifically valid series on COVID-19 is an example, since reinstated). Woke staffers at the New York Times demand that op-eds be vetted to ensure that they are "safe." Woke employees of major publisher Random House had a hissy fit because the publisher scheduled the release of a new book by best-selling author, Jordon Peterson. Vice reports that “One employee said, ‘people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson has [negatively] affected their lives.'”

Woke censorship is very real. It's happening now, and it'll only get worse, until someone decides to call out the social justice warriors who champion it. Gosh, maybe the champion of "moderate" progressive thought (is that an oxymoron?), Joe Biden, will step in (LOL).

Manisha Krishnan has decided to speak up:

The company [Random House] should not indulge this bullsh*t for one second. It should tell these people [who protested Peterson s new book] that either they grow up and do their jobs, or they go find another line of work. Publishers publish books. Period. The end. I guarantee you that there are thousands of young men and women who would love to break into publishing, who don’t have thin skins and an enormous sense of entitlement.

Neither publishing, nor journalism, nor universities can do what they are supposed to do if they cater to these wretched whiners. I am sick to death of the veto power they exercise over freedom of thought and expression. What is it going to take for the adults who run these institutions to assert authority, and protect writers from these piss-ant Robespierres?

If you are crying in a meeting at the office because of how you think Jordan Peterson affected your life, then you are not mature enough to work in publishing, and you ought to be sent away. Honest to God, I would be ashamed of myself if that’s how I behaved. What the hell is wrong with these people?! Who failed them?

Excuse me for getting so emotional about this, but I see my own future as a writer at stake here. If they can do this to Jordan Peterson, and get away with it, who can’t they do it to?

With their newfound power, the woke can and will do it to anyone they can. They know, deep down, that their ideas cannot withstand scrutiny and debate. They're weak and often ignorant cowards who prefer to silence opponents, rather than engaging them.

Because these "wretched whiners" can't win the argument, they have decided to shut it down. They are dangerous, and if allowed to do this with impunity, they will permanently change the manner in which we think and debate issues. Then again, that's their intent.


It might be that push back is the best antidote for the "wretched whiners" who insist they, and only they, have the solution to all of societies problems. Here's a sample (trigger warning: the speakers are three middle aged, conservative white males—the horror!):