The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Monday, May 17, 2021


It's really interesting, but hardly surprising, that the Democrats' trained hamsters in the media are ignoring a big question now that violence between the palestinians and Israel has broken out in earnest. Roger Simon sets the stage:

... life in the region had been improving so dramatically for all—Arabs and Jews—while the dreaded orange-haired man was in office, and almost the moment Joe Biden replaced him, things went immediately South, like everything else. (Was Hamas waiting for this? Probably.)

Exactly why did this happen? Was it simply an unfortunate coincidence? Or did Hamas recognize that its 'big brother'—the American Left—was again in charge in Washington, DC? 

Or maybe Hamas studied the way in which Antifa rioters attacked cities across the United States (think: Seattle, or Portland, or Minneapolis). After all, the Democrats, now in charge, avoided any discussion of Antifa, and on more than a few occasions, came very close to endorsing their riotous violence. It's worth noting that relatively few Dems have aggressively criticized the launching of almost 3,000 rockets into Israel.

Or maybe it was Biden's Iran Appeasement 2.0? After all, Hamas is an Iranian proxy. Hamas recognizes that Joe (or maybe president Ron Klain) really doesn't want to piss off the Mullahs?

Or maybe it's Democrats like AOC or Ilhan Omar or other "Squad" members calling Israel an "apartheid state" and seeing no prominent Democrat disavow and condemn their ignorant and despicable statements? Where are Nancy Pelosi or Chucky Schumer on all of this? For that matter, where is Joe Biden?

Or maybe its the simple reality that Hamas and the palestinians know they have the international media on their side, reporting false palestinian claims and other manufactured fake news, all with a distinct anti-Israel tinge?

So ... yeah. It NOT a coincidence. Elections have consequences.

After providing a bit or history and a large dose of reality, Simon comes to a conclusion that many of us reached years ago. 

... there is something that can be done about Hamas.

Israel, and those of us who support her—even some liberal Jews, if they can be shaken from their morally narcissistic lethargy—can ignore public opinion for once, it’s not going to get better anyway, forget this “light unto the nations” business that no one could live up to in the first place, and go full bore on the terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

No mercy, this time. Full Dresden—or enough Dresden for them to know for once you’re very serious, desperately wave the white flag and disarm the way Germany and Japan did.

If you don’t win a war, I mean really win it, as both the United States and Israel have seen to their detriments, you are going to fight it again and again and again.

To do this, Israel must ignore the empty threats of Hamas' "big brother" on the left. In the end, I doubt that will happen—and that's too bad.


The editors of The Wall Street Journal discuss Iran's geopolitical goals and how the current administration is making the same mistakes that a feckless Obama administration made:

One of Iran’s obvious goals in encouraging Hamas’s rocket offensive is to blow up last year’s Abraham Accords between Israel and several Arab states. The accords were the best opening for Jewish-Arab peace in decades, and they created a potential united front against Iran’s designs for regional dominance.

They also removed the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the center of Middle Eastern politics and as the main obstacle to larger regional cooperation. The Palestinians were forced to consider a new reality that might cause them to rethink their refusal to accept a reasonable two-state solution. But with the Trump Administration that midwifed the Abraham Accords gone, Hamas and Iran see a chance to return to the trend of the Obama years when U.S.-Israel relations frayed and Iran was on the march.
It appears that Biden (or his left-wing puppet masters) is willing to empower Iran, destroy the best attempt at ME peace in a generation, and sell Israel down the river, just so they can make nicey-nice with the Mullahs. Their naivete and stupidity are breathtaking.