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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Four Lies

A recent annotated memo from the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee provides still more evidence of Biden family corruption with a clear indication that Joe Biden was involved in it directly. Bank records (during the period that Biden was VP under Barack Obama) prove that off-shore shell companies established by the Biden family had a $20 million dollar income stream. The obvious intent of those companies was to act as a conduit for monies raised as part of an influence peddling operation trading on Joe Biden's position and name. Monies from China, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakstan, and Romania flowed into the shell companies. Each of these entities wanted to tap into influence wielded by the "Biden Brand."

After money was transferred into the shell companies, it was then transferred again to members of the Biden family—Biden's son, Hunter, his brother, Jim, his daughter-in-laws and others. In return for these six- and seven-figure transfers, Joe Biden had dinner with representatives from the aforemented countries. We can only guess what favors he granted, what policy decisions were reached to benefit these "donors," and how those favors or policy decisions may have hurt U.S. taxpayers and/or damaged U.S. foreign policy. Oddly, Biden publicly admitted to one act—demanding the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating corruption at Burisma, a multimillion dollar benefactor of his son, Hunter.

As this corruption comes to light, the anonymous left-wing cabal that does Biden's decision making desperately needs to keep him in power (so that they can run the country). Over the past 24 months, they have crafted a series of evolving lies in an attempt to effect a cover-up.

Lie #1. Joe Biden never spoke to his son about his business.  Morphed into:

Lie #2. Joe Biden never met with anyone associated with his son's business and had no knowledge of any dealings with foreign actors. Morphed into:

Lie #3. Joe Biden did speak with Hunter's business partners and the foreign actors who paid big bucks for access, but he only spoke about "pleasantries." Morphed into:

Lie #4. Joe Biden never "received a check" from any person or entity connected with his son’s  business. (Note—that assertion does not preclude receiving money via funds transfer, rent payments, or another method of money laundering.)

Each of these lies implies that allowing your family to participate in an unethical enrichment scheme that involves you, uses your name and position, and suggests that you will use your name and position to do the bidding of those who are  transferring large amounts of money to members of your family, is okay – as long as there is "no check" received by you. 

As more hard facts are discovered and reported in the coming months by the House Oversight Committee, the four lies noted earlier will morph yet again. They will be modified, extended, and massaged in a laughably outrageous attempt to gaslight the public and obfuscate behavior that is patently corrupt. 

Among those on the left, this may be acceptable behavior, as long as their grasp on power is maintained. But I suspect the vast majority of Americans will have problems with it.


Embarrassed by a plea deal for Hunter Biden that was so weak that even the judge rejected it, AG Merrick Garland has been forced to name David Weiss, as "special counsel," to "investigate" Hunter's case further. That would be the same David Weiss who approved the plea deal (to the utter delight of Hunter's lawyers), allowed the statute of limitations to lapse on Hunter's even more serious crimes, limited the investigating by establishing strict guardrails that precluded any investigation of father Joe, and otherwise slow-walked the entire investigation over the past five years.

We've come to a point were the blatant chutzpa of Garland's and Weiss' actions are no longer surprising. It's protect the corrupt Biden Crime Family and Joe Biden at all cost—delay, obfuscate, impede congressional inquiries, co-op an already biased propaganda media, attack first amendment freedoms—whatever it takes.

Already a travesty, this sad (and infuriating) episode is yet another indication that the rule of law is enforced in an arbitrary and partisan manner. To my knowledge, not a single national Democrat has aggressively questioned the ethics or propriety of Joe Biden's proven behavior in this influence peddling and enrichment scheme. Not one.


The Democrats are scrambling to gaslight the imp-lication of the Biden scandal. Inveterate liar Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been replaced by another inveterate liar, Dan Goldman (D-NY) who said this about the rejection of Hunter's plea deal during a CNN (where else?) interview:

... that's why this plea agreement has broken down, because of the threat of Donald Trump's weaponization of the Department of Justice if he were to become president.

Goldman, of course, is not alone in suffering from TDS, but exhibits the Democratic party's passion for psychological projection. During the past six years, the DoJ has been weaponized by Democrat partisans within the DoJ, the FBI, and the intelligence community. Proof? Every aspect of the Russia Collusion Hoax is provably false, perpetrated knowlingly by executives within the FBI and authored by Hillary Clinton's people. The Biden investigation has been slow-walked for the past 5 years by the DoJ, delayed until the Statute of Limitations ran out on some crimes. The Biden laptop story was dishonestly and knowingly labelled as "Russian disinformation" by past intelligence community big wigs. And Goldman is worried about "weaponization" ... by Trump? LMAO.

UPDATE-3 (08-14-2023):

Victor Davis Hansen dissects Biden family as only a trained historian can do (read the whole thing). Here's a pull quote:

The Biden familial mediocrities had nothing to offer shady wealthy foreign interests other than they were not only related to the Vice President of the United States, but also could guarantee that Joe Biden had no scruples whatsoever, and so even while in office he would call or meet his son’s associates to substantiate Hunter’s promises of favorable diplomatic or business treatment from the Obama—or a future Biden—administration. Note Biden seemed to have no worries whether his family’s lobbying of Ukraine, Russia, or China was in conflict with the interests of his own country.

And so deals were cut, millions were rerouted to Biden accounts to avoid scrutiny, and the Biden clan got rich off Joe’s offices and his son’s rank criminality. Joe’s adjusted gross income on his 2016 return of $396,456 soared on his 2017 return to more than $11 million. [emphasis mine] No one knows whether these or any of Biden’s returns showed reported income commensurate with what either he actually received or with his lavish lifestyle, bank accounts, and his multiple expensive homes.

For those Democrats and their trained hamsters in the propaganda media who are trying desperately to tell the rest of us that this scandal is a big nothingburger, one very simple question: How did Joe Biden see his AGI rise from $396K to >$11,000,000 in the year after he left office as VP? He didn't have a major lucrative book deal; he gave speeches, but how many, he didn't have a legitimate business, he may have had some investments that hit home runs ... but a 27x increase in AGI in one year-- puleeze!

Joe Biden is corrupt—full stop. The Democratic party should insist that he not run in 2024 and retire. It is unlikely that he will be indicted, given his party affiliation and the general bias of the DoJ. That's not equal justice, and it's not fair. He'll be allowed to enrich himself and his family at the cost of the taxpayers and the country, and that's not fair. He'll be lauded as an elder statesman and a loving father, and that's not fair. He'll skate, and that's not fair. But no one ever said life is fair.

UPDATE-4 (08-15-2023):

On a tangential matter, Peter Savodnik writes:

Democrats insist President Joe Biden—who would be 82 if he’s sworn in for a second term and 86 if he finishes it—will be their nominee next year. “President Biden remains a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency,” the White House physician, Kevin O’Connor, said in February. [Personally, I would do a background check on Dr. O'Conner's credentials, but that's just me :)]

... to the voters of all political stripes who fear the country is mired in its own Leonid Brezhnev moment—with a doddering head of state propped up by loyalists terrified of losing power—you’re (we’re) not crazy. You’re just a normal person and not a fixture of the Democratic establishment whose future earnings capacity depends on your willingness to pretend up is down and hope that America skates through a presidential election and another four-year term without any major hiccups.

Let's assume for just a moment that the GOP base is foolish enough to award Donald Trump with the presidential nomination for 2024. It may be that the Democrat establishment recognizes that whoever they run against Trump—including a corrupt, cognitively disabled Joe Biden—will win the general election despite the disastrous policies, economy, and ineffective governance that have characterized the Democrat administration from 2021 to 2024. Biden will win against Trump because Trump cannot and will not expand his base beyond his faithful. Maybe that's why the Dems' genius strategy is playing out so well.

I just hope that once Trump wins the nomination, assuming he does, the Dems will do a 'bait and switch,' dump Biden, and run someone who can think clearly, speak coherently, and does not have the distinct stench of corruption associated with him and his family.