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Wednesday, August 23, 2023


Imagine these things:

  • a large family whose patriarch is a well-known political figure who was Senator and then Vice President, 
  • family members set up 20 off-shore shell companies that don't have any obvious business purpose,
  • a large number of family members have received high dollar payments from the shell companies,
  • one family member, the son of the patriarch, has received multi-million dollar "jobs" from foreign companies, yet has no demonstrated skill set to offer in doing those jobs,
  • the son's business has also received multi-million dollar payments from foreign nationals, but has provided no obvious or recorded services that are commensurate with those payments, 
  • the patriarch publicly admitted that while VP he pressured a foreign company to fire an anti-corruption prosecutor who was investigating one of his son's foreign benefactors, this against the advice of the DoJ at that time,
  • hard evidence indicates that the son traveled with his father (on government aircraft) to locales that later paid the son large sums for ... well ... for seemingly very little,
  • hard evidence also indicates that the father participated in many "business" phone calls with the very foreigners who send large sums of money to the son, 
  • hard evidence indicates that the patriarch met with the son's often shady foreign clients for dinner at swank Washington, DC restaurants,
  • credible witnesses and a congressional investigation produced emails that implied that the patriarch would receive 10% of all funds paid to the son and his business partners,
  • evidence indicates that while in public office, the patriarch used at least one and possibly three secret email accounts with aliases to hide his identity,
  • a variety of government agencies and the DoJ have worked overtime to protect the patriarch, to silence discussion of the things noted in this list, and to make his son's problems go away, 
  • those same DoJ partisans are scrambling to protect the patriarch when the wayward son's lawyers threaten to make the patriarch testify for the defense if criminal charges are brought against the son,
  • lawyers for the son are constructing legal roadblocks in an attempt to preclude access to offshore bank transactions that undoubtedly show money transfers from shell companies to members of the family and likely would indicate a money trail leading to the patriarch,
  • the patriarch reported a net worth under one million dollars before he left office as VP, but then reported a net worth of $16 million in the following year with no obvious source for such a rapid growth in wealth,
  • the patriarch has lied repeatedly about his knowledge and participation in the family business.

Here's the thing ... you don't have to imagine any of this—these revelations are happening right now, and the Biden family is at the center of it.


Do you think there might be something suspicious and potentially criminal going on with the patriarch and his family? Do you think that legitimate journalists at supposedly prestigious media sources might have some interest in investigating the patriarch and his family more thoroughly? Do you think the DoJ is handling this as they would for just any other crime family? Do you think that the patriarch's political party would smell the stench of corruption (at a minimum) and work covertly to ease the patriarch out of office?

Yet, here we have Joe Biden—the patriarch—defended by his political party and protected by a complicit media. It's not as if Biden has done a good job in his current role. He has not. It's not as if Biden is a problem solver, a clear thinker, and a charismatic leader. He is not. And yet, his party (at least at the moment) intends to run the man for a second term as president. Amazing!


John Kass comments on patriarch Joe Biden's penchant for lying and the media's penchant for defending him when he does so.

Left wing corporate media covered for Biden Inc. They fronted Joe’s lie that Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell was Russian disinformation, though it was not. The media helped him ride that one through the election. What we know now is that Biden Inc. picked up reported tens of millions of dollars in bribes from China, Ukraine, etc.

Joe Biden lied about Hunter. We all know it now. Even the fools of CNN and MSNBC must admit it.

He lied that the laptop was Russian disinformation. He lied when insisting he knew nothing about Hunter’s business deals. He lied when it was finally revealed that Hunter had put him on the phone with sleazy clients at least 20 times, according to witness testimony before Congress.

The Democrats protected him and threatened to imprison those who oppose them politically.

Even his trained hamsters in the propaganda media have developed small teeth, now pointing out at least a few of Joe's lies. It looks like the Democrat powers that be have become worried. Joe's abysmal poll numbers, his obvious dementia, and his administration's abject incompetence are all red flags. It may be that quietly the word has gone out—it's time for Joe to go. One can only hope.