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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Israel at War—Bernie Speaks

Wait!  Hold everything!! Bernie Sanders, you know the Democratic-Socialist whose activist friends declared full-solidarity with the Palestinians within hours of the atrocities committed by Hamas, has something to say. Bernie is a true far-left oracle, and he has declared that in responding to those atrocities, Israel is committing "a serious violation of international law and will do nothing but harm innocent civilians ..."  

As leftists are prone to do (ad nauseum), he has wrapped himself in his virtue signaling garb and further declared ""Israel’s blanket denial of food, water, and other necessities to Gaza ... will do nothing but harm innocent civilians." [1]

Bernie is either too stupid or too ideological (or may both) to ask himself a few basic questions. For example,

  1. Since Hamas has been given billions in international aid over the past decade, why is it that they need Israel to provide food, water and electricity to Gaza?
  2. Since Hamas is obviously flush with cash given that they've been able to afford approximately 4,000+ deadly rockets that they've launched on Israeli population centers, they obviously have the money to also provide food, water and electricity, no?
  3. Since Hamas has declared that its goal to kill Israelis and has succeeded in murdering close over 1000 in the last 5 days and has done so in the most gruesome and barbaric fashion possible, why is it that Israel should continue to provide them and the people who voted them into power in Gaza with ANYTHING?
  4. Where is it written that once war has been declared, the party reacting to a surprise attack must provide food, water and electricity to the party that perpetrated the attack?

But of course, like all dedicated Leftists, Bernie is a fantasy thinker. In his fantasy world, the poor, "oppressed" palestinians live in an "open air prison" that is the Gaza "refugee camp." But gosh, even propaganda outlets like the NYT or MSNBC have shown us high rise concrete building, apartment complexes, and commercial establishments (not to mention ocean-front property) that is all part of Gaza.

So, when oracle Bernie uses his powers of persuasion to convince the fools who follow him that that there is some kind of warped moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel, it might be worth asking a few more questions. Let's try these:

  1. When was the last time you encountered a prison or a refugee camp that has high rises and ocean front property?
  2. When was it exactly that Hamas gave advance warning to Israeli civilians that it was going to murder them, rape young women and behead infants and small children?
Oh yeah, Bernie forgot to mention that before a single Israeli bomb or artillery shell was dropped, the IDF warned palestinians located in Gaza to leave the city. He also forgot to mention that Israel warns the occupants of buildings to be attacked to leave before the attack begins. Just like Hamas does, right Bernie?

But ... but ... but ... the oracle or his despicable activist buddies will tell us that the Gazans have nowhere to go. 

That, like most of the things the Bernies of our world tell us, is a lie. The Gazans can flee to open land in the southern part of Gaza where tent cities could be constructed by Hamas (remember, they're flush, right?) or by their evil patron, Iran (who is also flush with oil money due to a lack  sanctions that was the genius idea of Joe Biden). Of course, that would require that they give a damn about the civilians who live in Gaza.

It's worth noting that when 2 million refugees left Syria, Turkey quickly built a tent city to house them. Hamas?? Calling Hamas!

I'm sure Bernie and his social democrat activist friends would hop on the next plane to help out in the construction of the tents, you know, to save the children who were put in harm's way by the recent psychopathic actions of Hamas.


[1] In fairness to Bernie Sanders, he also said something was was buried at the tail end of most media articles reporting his comments:

“The United States has rightly offered solidarity and support to Israel in responding to Hamas’ attack. But we must also insist on restraint from Israeli forces attacking Gaza and work to secure UN humanitarian access,” Sanders said. “Let us not forget that half of the 2 million people in Gaza are children. Children and innocent people do not deserve to be punished for the acts of Hamas.”

... and most won't be if they listen to Israel's warnings and flee Gaza City.

Although I can't read Bernie's thoughts, I have to believe he "offered solidarity and support to Israel" to cover himself because even he knows he cannot defend the atrocities committed by Hamas.

Give his long history of anti-Israel positions, I also have to believe that only a virtue signalling leftist could say what he said at the top of this post and think that his words would be interpreted as sage and unbiased. 


Just for fun, someone should ask Bernie what he thinks about Rep. Rashida Talib's (D-MI) outright refusal to condemn the Hamas atrocities and whether the Palestinian flag she places at her office door in the Congressional office building is at least as threatening as some of the non-violent things that J6 rioters did as they sauntered through the same building. Maybe AG Garland should sic his FBI "investigators" to look into it. Whaddaya think, Bernie?

Or maybe we should query Bernie about his position on the Black Lives Matter organization and its opinions on the Hamas atrocities. After all, the heart emojies in their tweet are a really nice touch, don't you think?