The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Israel at War—Deniers

The Left loves, loves, loves to characterize those of us who oppose many of their insane and authoritarian policies as "deniers." We were science-deniers for suggesting that the economy should NOT be shut down, schools should not be closed, masks simply don't work, and the vaccine neither stopped Covid nor its spread. We are climate-deniers for asking whether the apocalyptic projections for anthropogenic warming or CO2 levels have any real basis in actual science. There's more, but you get the point.

Ironically, it has taken only one week for the pro-palestinian/Hamas crowd to evolve into terror-deniers. Because they're fantasy thinkers, the activists who are protesting at U.S. universities and in cities around the world:

  1. deny history -- they refuse to acknowledge that a palestinian state never existed and therefore could not possibly have been "colonized;" they also deny that Jews had established various states and kingdoms on the lands in question that go back thousands of years; [see Update-4 in this post]
  2. deny intent -- they justify the kill-all-Jews atrocities committed by Hamas because palestinians are "oppressed" by Israel;
  3. deny palestinian oppression of palestinians -- the palestinians are suffering from a "humanitarian crisis" because their elected leadership—Hamas—has failed to provide basic goods and services and uses the hundreds of millions in humanitarian aid they receive not to lessen their self-imposed crisis but to build weapons of war;
  4. deny border protection -- they refuse to recognize that repeated cross border attacks (e.g., by rockets, by death squads) that have killed Israeli civilians have forced Israel to close its borders to palestinians;
  5. deny evidence of atrocities -- in thousands of social media posts, hundreds of on-camera videos, and more that a few opinion pieces,  they denier clear, irrefutable evidence of murder, rape, and the barbaric execution of innocents, and when confronted with hard evidence, they say its fake or ghoulishly ask for even more "proof."

The deniers have created their own fantasy to help justify their support of the unsupportable. They have allied themselves with a death-cult who care nothing for the civilians living in their midst, except to use them as human shields (why else would Hamas tell the civilians inside a target area to stay when Israel begs them to leave so they will not be harmed as the attack on the death-cult commences.

The deniers either refuse to acknowledge or try to justify Hamas's public pronouncements of their intent to exterminate the Jews. Hamas, in their own way, is as dangerous as their Nazi predecessors. Their intent is the same, but because they wrap themselves in a violent and cruel form of Islam, they profess to have their god on their side. To them, Jews are infidels in their midst, and the infidel must be subjugated or eliminated. If they succeed, other "infidels" will become the target of their violence.

More than a few of these damaged people actually suggest that the wanton murder of whole families, the rapes and executions of young women, the murders (and beheadings) of innocent children, never happened. Maybe that's why there are videos showing niqab-clad women in London tearing down hundreds of missing person posters for children, mothers and grandmothers kidnapped by Hamas. Or this photo of a professor at the University of Michigan doing the same.

These terror-deniers can't face the truth of their depraved virtue signalling. I think deep down, some of them sense that they're supporting something evil, but they cannot face that evil and instead, destroy evidence of the evil while they deny, deny, deny. That's best case. Worst case? They're almost as evil as the terrorists they support.


Baron Swaim dissects the deniers and their apologists in the administrative suites of academia:

If you thought claims of anti-Semitism on university campuses were exaggerated, you can’t think it after the past week. The spectacle was appalling: university presidents responding to the murder of hundreds of Jews by pretending that the fault lies partially with Israel and that reasonable people can differ over whether Hamas’s atrocities are justified; student groups issuing letters proclaiming solidarity with Hamas; campus protesters brandishing signs bearing such slogans as “resistance is justified” and “from the river to the sea”—the latter signifying the goal of extirpating all Jews from Israel.

How is it possible hundreds of Jewish civilians—including children and the elderly—were gunned down, bombed in their homes, raped, abducted and beheaded, and some of America’s elite students, academics and college administrators commiserated with the perpetrators?

... They will hotly deny that they hate Jews, but their denials don’t bear scrutiny.

... Where are the campus protests against Chinese concentration camps in Xinjiang? Governments brutalize citizens in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria and many other places, but this week’s campus demonstrators bring their placards to the quadrangle only against the Jewish state [who does NOT brutalize its own citizens nor does it brutalize the palestinians, except in response to palestinian atrocities].

That anti-Israel protests ... signif[y] an egregious failure at the heart of American higher education. That so many students and academics could think this was a proper response to an act of mass murder suggests something deeply amiss on our campuses. What we are witnessing is the fruition, many decades in the making, of a habit of mind that can accurately be called Marxian.

Both correct and sadly unsurprising. The Left has taken over academia in the U.S. and other Western countries. Their destructive world view, their "lies and distortions," and their viciousness, driven by envy and a need to protect arguments that cannot be rationally defended, is as dangerous as it is compelling to no-nothing young people who have led lives of comparative luxury and freedom. 

I still want to believe that the majority of University students are not Marxist. They need to stand up and shout down these Marxist scum with condemnation at least a vicious and unrelenting as their leftist opponents.


Have you noticed that social media has been at least partially cleansed of video/photos that depict Hamas atrocities. After all, without visual evidence, the deniers can deny, right? One particularly heinous video that has been censored on most social media outlets and virtually all propaganda media is one that shows Hamas terrorists holding AK-47s in one hand, and small children who are Israeli hostages in the other. The children range in age from infants to those who are 8 or 9 years old—little boys and little girls.

One response was from a person who may have meant well, but exemplified the empty virtue signaling that complements the moral equivalency that pervades progressive discussion of this conflict. He or she tweeted: "How on earth will we stop the humanitarian tragedy unfolding?"

Many of us, myself included, are sick of listening to this type of virtue signalling. @leekern is one such person. He retweeted the despicable Hamas video for clarity and then wrote: