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Sunday, November 05, 2023

Israel at War—"Refugees"

Given the Hamas atrocities of October 7th; given the clear and irrefutable fact that the leadership of Gaza wants the eradication of all Jews, and states that clearly in its charter; given that the current leader of Hamas and its puppet master, Iran, want Israel "wiped off the map;" given that a significant percentage of Arab Muslims do not want Jews in their lands, it's well past time to reject any "peace" with the nomatic Arabs who now call themselves "palestinians." It long past time to reject any notion of a "two state solution." Israel should NOT accommodate Western demands for it to live next to a newly formed "state" that wants to kill Israelis.

So .... what to do. In an earlier post (Term #s 3, 4 and 5), I outlined my ideas—harsh by Western standards and unacceptable by the activists on the Left, but nonetheless, the right course given past history and future peace and prosperity for all parties. In fact, despite what you'll be told, separating all palestinians from Gaza and relocating them elsewhere in the Arab Crescent, providing them with a direct and generous stipend so that they can start their new lives and build a home in a place that is Jew-free, is best for the palestinians, best for Israel, and best for the M.E.

But ... Western elites will become apoplectic, arguing that doing what I've outlined will create 2.1 million "refugees." Yeah it will, but only temporarily, until they find a home in one of 21 Arab countries that already are home for 456 million Muslims. There's plenty of room—5 million square miles of it, actually.

But there's also precedent, created by the Arabs themselves. Edward Meir explains:

By the time modern Israel was founded in 1948, some 900,000 Jews lived in the Arab world. Over the next few decades, their ranks shriveled. Jews were stripped of their passports, assets and businesses. Many were expelled in mass airlifts and were prohibited from returning. Some Arab countries banned emigration to Israel, prompting Jews to arrange to be smuggled out. Many died in the countries they called home. Others were imprisoned or executed, including relatives of mine who were hanged in Baghdad’s public squares in the late 1960s on trumped-up charges of being Zionist spies. Saddam Hussein was among the henchmen presiding over these sham trials.

By 2012 only about 4,300 Jews lived in the Arab Middle East, concentrated mainly in Morocco and Tunisia. The Jews in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Libya virtually all vanished. Algeria had 140,000 Jews in 1948 and none by 2012. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi told Secretary of State Antony Blinken last month that Egyptian Jews were never subject to repression, but he failed to explain why the country is now largely devoid of them.

And so I ask, what about the rights of Jews in Arab lands? Who will return our property and funds and stolen lives? Where was our “right of return”? Why weren’t there protests on our behalf? 

Funny that the propaganda media never talks about any of this. In fact,  among the many, many lies told by palestinian activists and their leftist supporters is the notion that the palestinians are "refugees." From where, exactly. The people who now call themselves palestinians inhabited and moved across a geography that incorporated Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and yes, modern-day Israel, but they NEVER established a state on Israeli land, never has any political leader until the 1960s, and never took refuge (i.e., became refugees) until their own leaders would not accept them in other Arab countries, forcing them to remain in place without a home. 

But back to Edward Meir's closing questions. Let 'smake a deal ... the World's Jews will waive the return of property and lands owed to Jewish refugees from Arab lands. We'll also waive the "right of return" to those Arab lands.  In exchange all we want is to have palestinians in Gaza—all 2.1 million of them—move to each of the 21 Arab countries within the Crescent. After all, those countries created plenty of Jewish refugees, the least they can do is take in a few million Muslim 'refugees.'

Meir notes that Israel has taken in hundreds of thousand of Jewish refugees (and more than a few Arab Muslims) from all over the world. He then writes:

Contrast this to the 22 Arab countries that have never been welcoming toward Palestinian refugees or integrated them. Apart from Jordan, which until recently took in more than its fair share, most other Arab countries have had an uneasy relationship with their Palestinian neighbors. The approximately 200,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon aren’t eligible for citizenship and have limited access to healthcare and education. Syria has refused to grant its Palestinian refugees citizenship. Egypt didn’t want Palestinian Gaza back, leaving it for Israel to govern until Israel evacuated the territory in 2005.

If the world were a just place (it isn't), the supposed social justice warriors among the Western elites would be putting enormous pressure on every country in the Arab Crescent to welcome its proportional tranch of palestinian refugees from Gaza. I'm not holding my breath, but I am sick of listening to historically ignorant, virtue signalling fools who demand that Israel commit national suicide. That is now a non-starter, and they better get used to that new reality.