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Friday, December 01, 2023

Israel at War—Climate Change

There's really nothing that connects the israel-Hamas war to climate change, but wait ... apparently there is.

It's fair to state that the apocalyptic climate change movement is nothing more than yet another example of the normalization of insanity, orchestrated by the Left with the intent of controlling the lives of every person in the West—other countries are generally exempt. It is an authoritarian movement led by leftist elites throughout North America, the EU, and a few countries in other parts of the world. Those elites are quick to recommend draconian mandates (that do not apply to their private planes, yachts, and vacation homes) that will do little or nothing to "save the planet." but will be guaranteed to reduce the freedoms and the living conditions of normal people across the globe.

But how does any of this apply to the Hamas-Israel war?

Enter Saint greta Thrunbeg. Greta is the spokesmodel for the aspocalyptic climate cult. Along with other great scientists like John Kerry and Al Gore, Greta pinches her cherubic face dramatically and tells us that we're all gonna die unless we stop using gas stoves, jettison our private cars, stop eating meat, move into a 10' x 10' living space, and otherwise repent the damage we have done to Mother Earth. And members of the Left swoon at here every word.

Greta is a Marxist, although she may not yet understand that categorization. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that as a guest at the latest climate conference, COP28, you know, the one where global elites jet in on their private planes, pontificate on how the rest of us must sacrifice to "save the planet," and then fly off to southern climes where they live in their 10,000 square foot second homes and board their 80+ foot yachts to sail around with their contemporaries.[1]

At the conference, Greta, along with many of her leftist pals, decided that the most important thing to talk about wasn't the climate, but rather her pro-Hamas position. Nellie Bowles comments:

... wanting clean air means wanting Israel destroyed, of course. Climate movement leader Greta Thunberg has been insistent upon that, turning an eco-rally into an anti-war rally (“there can be no climate justice without international solidarity”) and this week chanting simply “crush Zionism.” How about the Sunrise Movement, America’s primarily youth environmental group? They’ve tweeted more various deranged war stances than anything eco since October 7. Anyway, call me crazy and old-fashioned, but I didn’t used to think clean air required killing Jews. But Greta tells me it does. Therefore, I am joining Hamas, for environmental reasons.

Greta is young and immensely ignorant the the science that governs the climate, but that doesn't excuse her support for Hamas, a genocidal death cult that is an existential threat to Israel. Even worse, Hamas and the palestinians (I'm beginning to think their generally one in the same) couldn't give a damn about the climate, except as it might be used to further their evil propaganda. Greta is there to help them out.


[1]  As if to punctuate the utter hypocrisy of those who lecture all of us on climate Change, Alex Berenson reports on an unintentionally comical story about a couple who decided to build a "sustainable" cottage on Cape Cod. If you want to smile at the cluelessness of the writters and editors of the hard left New York Times, give it a read.