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Friday, March 15, 2024

A Pyramid of Lies

Throughout the months of the Israel-Hamas war, I have argued that virtually all of the claims made by anti-Israel activists and their leftist allies are built on a "Pyramid of Lies." At the base of the pyramid is the canard that Jews—an indigenous population in Judea for more than 3,000 years—are somehow "colonizers" or "occupiers." One level up the pyramid of lies is the notion that palestinians are a unique culture with unique ties to the region. The label "palestinians" (lack of capitalization is purposeful) was created in the 1970s by the PLO and designed to serve as a wedge in any attempt to achieve a peaceful settlement with Israel. The palestinians are Arab Muslims with the same religion, culture, and ties to the region as the hundreds of millions of people in the Muslin Crescent. At the next level is the notion that a "palestinian state" was somehow "stolen" or "occupied" by the Jews. There has NEVER been a "palestinian state" in the region.

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There are many other layers (absurd claims of "genocide" and "apartheid" come to mind), but the cap stone of the pyramid of lies has been adopted by vast swathes of a biased media, by leftist politicians, by academics at elite universities, but ignorant students, by many Democrats in the USA, and by the Biden administration in particular—the notion that 30,000+ women and children have been wantonly killed in the Israel-Hamas war.

Norman Fenton has done a detailed analysis of the Hamas' casualty propaganda (read the whole thing) and states: 

ONE of the most bizarre aspects of the Israel-Hamas conflict has been the way the entire mainstream media accepts without question the casualty figures from Hamas (who, of course, run the ‘Palestinian Health Ministry’ in Gaza that provide the figures). This is despite the fact that it is known that Hamas massively fabricated casualty figures in previous conflicts (for example, by classifying most Hamas fighters killed as civilians and including all naturally occurring deaths during the period of the conflict).

The only justification I have seen for using figures provided by a proscribed terrorist organisation is that UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) have ‘largely corroborated’ them. Yet, as has now been proven conclusively, not only is UNRWA in Gaza essentially controlled by Hamas, but many of its members are Hamas operatives, including several who took part in the October 7 massacre.

A few days ago Hamas assured the world that exactly 30,960 Gazans have been killed since October 7. The mainstream media duly accepted this figure. Yet the same Hamas people who know this precise number of Gazans killed say they have no idea how many of the 134 Israeli hostages whom they have been holding in extremely secure locations for over five months are dead or alive. And not a single mainstream media voice questions the inconsistency in this knowledge about deaths in Gaza.

Detailed statistical analysis indicates that Hamas's claims are faked, but that hasn't stopped the media and Joe Biden (among many others) from using them as a cudgel to suggest that Israel must stop its effort to destroy the Hamas death cult. 

Two days ago, the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, served as the Biden administration's cats paw and suggested that the democratically-elected Israeli Prime minister should be removed from office because he refuses to buy into the Pyramid of Lies. Schumer is a despicable partisan hypocrite, but he is representative of a substantial percentage of the members the Democrat caucus. Like tourists who visit an actual pyramid with "oohs" and "aahs," the Democrats have become useful idiots that not only promulgate Hamas propaganda but amplify it. Disgusting.

UPDATE (03-16-2024):

With the following tweet on X, the inimitable Gad Saad provides us with additional insight into the Pyramid of Lies that lies at the core of all palestinian pronouncements:

Those on the left (including media and academia) who not only quote but amplify the NPPP lies are among the millions who are Normalizing Insanity.