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Friday, March 22, 2024

Inconvenient Polling

The Biden administration is really, really pissed that Israel doesn't see the wisdom in its demand that it allow Hamas to survive and prosper. Since the anonymous puppeteers who control a cognitively disabled Biden really, really need to stay in power after the elections, they need the support of the increasingly large hard-left wing of the Democratic party. 

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Unfortunately for the puppeteers, they thought that having Biden's teleprompter voice early support for Israel in their war against Hamas wouldn't offend the Left. They were dead wrong. The Democratic Left really, really doesn't like Israel—after all, they contend that the tiny democracy in a sea of hostile Arab Muslims (who want the country eradicated) is actually an "illegitimate state, composed of apartheid, oppressor, colonialist, white supremacists who are committing genocide," so who can argue?

The hard-left Dems are even more pissed than Biden's Team of 1s. Since angry leftists (are there any other kind?) might not vote in November, the anonymous puppeteers have made a hard left turn. A figurative memo has gone out to the Democratic faithful, and all kinds of passive-aggressive anti-Israel threats [1] are now emanating from prominent Democrats (think: Chuck Schumer), who like nothing better than telling us:

  • how they really, really believe that 3,468,508 [2] palestinian women and children have been wantonly slaughtered by Israel because the Hamas health ministry tells them so;
  • how they really, really care about palestinian suffering and demand that Israel alleviate the suffering of people who want them dead; 
  • how everyday palestinians really, really want nothing other than peace 
  • how palestinians really, really hate  Hamas 
  • how Bibi Netanyahu is really, really bad (after all, he had the temerity to make the sainted Barack Obama look foolish all those years ago)

Of course, the Democrats tend to be fantasy thinkers, and that presents a problem when reality intervenes. The latest Palestinian Center for Policy and Research polling (Poll No. 91), dated 20 March 2024, is nicely summarized by Robert Satloff:

Hmmm.  So much for the suffering palestinians wanting nothing other than peace and really, really hating Hamas.

But when it comes to Israel vs. Hamas vs. votes-in-battleground-states, it's Israel that will get thrown under the bus. There are rumors that Biden and company will begin playing hardball with our Middle East ally in ways that will be a delight for those on the Left—hypocritical, vicious, and immoral, all at the same time.


[1]  The USA, back when it was led by responsible adults who had an operable moral compass, used to veto anti-Israel resolutions at the U.N. Now, Biden's Team of 1s tells us they've drafted a "cease fire" resolution, all in an effort to keep the palestinians safe and allow the death cult, Hamas, to survive and prosper. Incredible!

[2]  Ohhh ... you say this number isn't correct, that it's an exaggeration? It's no less correct than the 30,000+ number provided by Hamas that Biden and his buddies in the media keep quoting as a way to justify their concern regarding the palestinian humanitarian crisis—brought on, BTW, by the real world atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th. Every Israeli and palestinian civilian death that has occurred is on Hamas. Every. Single. One. 

Why is it, one wonders, that Biden (well, actually his puppeteers) and other prominent Democrats don't publicly demand that Hamas surrender unconditionally and return every single hostage? Easy, peasy—that would end the humanitarian crisis that the Democrats keep telling us they're really, really concerned about. They'd even get the cease fire they've been demanding as a twofer.


Hugh Gurdon discusses the Democratic Party's slow, then sudden, transformation into an anti-Israel party:

... Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who called for Israelis to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom he accused of pursuing the war “over the best interests of Israel.”

This inspires the doubtless vain hope that Schumer won’t ever again denounce foreign interference in elections. More importantly, his speech casts light on the point at which the Democratic Party has arrived vis-à-vis Israel. Schumer is a circumstantial moralist who sees political leadership as the art of monitoring where his followers are heading and then putting himself at the head of the column. So if he is willing to undermine Israeli unity and give aid to Hamas, as his speech did, it’s because he knows his party is now that radical.

Its capture by the militant Left and its eager embrace of crackpot intersectionalism have made it constitutionally incapable of genuinely supporting our democratic, free, and, most of all, successful ally. Its true sympathies in the Levant — just as here in America — are with those whose incompetence, dishonesty, depravity, and failure class them as “oppressed," and the Left now simply sees Jews as oppressors.

The last paragraph in Gurdon's comment covers things nicely. The Left does indeed sympathize with "those whose incompetence, dishonesty, depravity, and failure class them as oppressed." Maybe that because in recent years they see themselves in the characteristics of the "victims" they admire.