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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Drip. Drip. Drip.

For just a moment, let's be like all 'good' Democrats and argue that Hillary Clinton's serial lies over the past few years are just misunderstandings; that her irresponsible treatment of government secrets is much ado about nothing; that destruction of emails that clearly did have a bearing on her activities as Secretary of State were within her rights; that the allegations of corruption and possibly criminality based on the relationship between The Clinton Foundation and her pay-to-play schemes at the State Department are simply a "witch hunt" sponsored by the GOP; that her refusal to hold a press conference in almost 280 days while running for president is just another indication that she has nothing to hide (I know, that's illogical but so what ...).

Why not? After all, fantasy is a strong suit among many Hillary supporters.

Here's the problem with Hillary, even if we assume she's the most honest and ethical politician in a generation (ahem!). Hillary has already indicated that she intends to continue most, if not all, of Barack Obama's policies. As Obama 3.0, Hillary Clinton will continue to pile up debt, continue to tax and spend, continue to grow an inefficient, incompetent, and increasingly corrupt government, accept the notion that one-point-something-percent GDP growth is the new normal, argue that Obamacare needs to be tweaked, but not replaced, and if it is replaced, the only option is a fiscally ruinous single payer health plan.

On the foreign policy front, Hillary will be forced to defend the atrocious Iran deal that Obama authored and somehow defend the Libya intervention that led to a failed state. She'll refuse to name radical Islam as our enemy and adamantly refuse to confront all of Islam with the need to excise the cancer in their midst. She's already noted that she won't put troops on the ground in Syria or elsewhere (talk about telegraphing your intentions to an enemy). She'll likely continue Obama's policy of "invisible" intervention—where drone strikes are used in place of a clear strategy, all to mollify the growing pacifist wing of the Democratic party.

Richard Fernandez comments on Obama's (and therefore, Hillary's) foreign policy when he writes:
... you can't pin down a president who commits himself to nothing but staying uncommitted. Obama's like a man who, faced with a slow drip faucet -- which you can take as a metaphor for longstanding problems -- has opted to tighten the handle ever harder rather than replace the washer.

Hand me that extension bar. There, fixed.

Even if forcing the handle completely wrecks the washer seat he doesn't care, because that will soon be the next tenant's problem. Whether the subject is Obamacare or the Baltics, North Korea or China, Venezuela or Cuba he will soon be quit of it.
Obama has only six months left in office. He will continue to tighten the faucet rather than fixing the problem, leaving a lot that's broken for his predecessor. Since Hillary will likely be that person, the wreckage, both domestically and overseas, will continue to grow—until the whole house must be torn down. Not a pleasant thought.

Fernandez further notes that "The president's failures ... are invisible because his actions form no discernible pattern."

The real question is what "pattern" will Obama 3.0 (Clinton) bring to the presidency? Jettisoning our fantasy that she's "the most honest and ethical politician in a generation" I can only suggest that one pattern will be serial lying and another will be outright, in-your-face corruption. Drip. Drip. Drip.